Traffic Advisory for Sunday, Jun 19, 2022

The march will start during 1 p.m., during a Boys Girls Club Parking Lot, 85 Warren street, in Roxbury. An approaching 400 people and 5 vehicles. The march will take this route:

  • Warren Street streamer southerly
  • Right onto Walnut Avenue
  • Left onto Crawford Street
  • Ending during Abbotsford Street

People attending a march are speedy not to expostulate their personal vehicles. Information on Bluebikes, a informal bike share service, might be found during on a Bluebikes website and information on a MBTA might be found on a MBTA website. For a faster lapse trip, a MBTA advises riders to squeeze a round-trip rather than a one-way ticket. Walking is also a good approach to pierce around.

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