New Government Website for Ordering Covid Tests Is Active

Ms. Lindo pronounced she had immediately called her mom to ask if she had already systematic a tests. She had not, though an upstairs neighbor had, they learned.

“They haven’t been means to get tests, they are sole out everywhere,” Ms. Lindo said. “I know it’s substantially a line in a formula on a USPS website that needs to be changed, though we unequivocally do wish that they change it fast so that we can sequence a tests.”

Her mom teaches English as a second denunciation during a comparison core once a week, she said, and wants to exam frequently for that reason. She and Ms. Lindo’s father, who are both in their 70s, also wish to take home tests before their grandson’s arriving 16th birthday party, and before arriving appointments with their doctors.

Mr. Biden has knowledge with fumbled website rollouts. When he was clamp president, he and President Barack Obama presided over a catastrophic launch of, a online health-insurance marketplace combined by a Affordable Care Act. Jeff Zients, who is now Mr. Biden’s coronavirus response coordinator, was brought in to rescue a uneasy site, that crashed regularly underneath a vanquish of early users. The U.S. Digital Service was combined in a aftermath.

Visitors to, that is also accessible in Spanish, can click by to a Postal Service web page where they can sequence 4 tests per household, giveaway of charge. Orders will customarily boat in 7 to 12 days, a website says.

“We can’t pledge there won’t be a bug or two,” Ms. Psaki said, “but a best tech teams opposite a administration and a Postal Service are operative tough to make this a success.”

Matching contrast supply with direct has been a determined plea for both a Trump and Biden administrations, and Mr. Biden has come underneath criticism for not ramping adult a supply of fast at-home tests fast adequate as Americans struggled to get tested amid a presentation of a Omicron variant.

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