Small Business Saturday Vital for Mom and Pops Shops

DALLAS — Get your appetite drinks and coffee ready. Small business owners are vagrant we to keep a same fad we have for Black Friday, for Small Business Saturday and a rest of a weekend.  

Historically, there’s always been a pull from tiny business owners to get we to buy goodies a day after Black Friday. COVID-19 has and continues to cancel a lot of things, though some business owners are channel their fingers and anticipating that we don’t cut them out from your skeleton as we do your holiday shopping.

There’s some-more than one approach to skin a cat. Or during slightest in Kelsi Cavazos’s case, there’s some-more than one approach to sell books.

“It’s been a lot. We had to change a lot,” pronounced Kelsi Cavazos.

She owns a tiny book store in a Bishop Arts area of Dallas. It only non-stop during a commencement of a year. Walk-thru trade and in-person pick-ups are a names of a diversion for Cavazos’s tiny shop. But, she had to flip a book and emanate a website so some-more book lovers could get their hands on a good read.

“After that, a area was overwhelming and they unequivocally incited out for us,” she said.

For shoppers, Black Fridays can be fun if we find a plain deal. For a consequence of gripping sales up, Cavazos is anticipating you’ll wish double a fun this weekend inside her place.

“Most definitely,” Cavazos pronounced while playfully laughing. 

Marco Cavazos is Kelsi’s father and runs a cigar emporium subsequent door. The dual have a 7-year-old daughter together. They both seem to be gripping certain mindsets on where both businesses mount in a economy, though as Marco Cavazos explains, it’s his baby lady that’s display a many worry out of a family.

“Our daughter asks us that too. What’s going to occur and we’ve had to tell her this is new for us,” pronounced Marco Cavazos.

Both Kelsi and Marco Cavazos aren’t only championing tiny businesses since they wish to see their shops succeed. It’s in a DNA of their business models. You can find books from eccentric Dallas authors during a couple’s book store. At a cigar shop, a register of tobacco products comes from family-run businesses.

“There’s really a large fish eating everybody thing going on in a economy as a whole we think,” pronounced Mr. Cavazos.

There’s zero tiny about tiny business Saturday. It’s truly a large understanding for so many mom and cocktail shops this year as it helps them to keep a lights on.

GoDaddy Employees Used in Attacks on Multiple Cryptocurrency Services

Fraudsters redirected email and web trade unfailing for several cryptocurrency trade platforms over a past week. The attacks were facilitated by scams targeting employees during GoDaddy, a world’s largest domain name registrar, KrebsOnSecurity has learned.

The occurrence is a latest intrusion during GoDaddy that relied on tricking employees into transferring tenure and/or control over targeted domains to fraudsters. In March, a voice phishing fraud targeting GoDaddy support employees allowed enemy to assume control over during slightest a half-dozen domain names, including transaction brokering site

And in May of this year, GoDaddy disclosed that 28,000 of a customers’ web hosting accounts were compromised following a confidence occurrence in Oct. 2019 that wasn’t rescued until Apr 2020.

This latest debate appears to have begun on or around Nov. 13, with an conflict on cryptocurrency trade height

“A domain hosting provider ‘GoDaddy’ that manages one of a core domain names wrongly eliminated control of a criticism and domain to a antagonistic actor,” Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori pronounced in a blog post. “This gave a actor a ability to change DNS annals and in turn, take control of a array of inner email accounts. In due course, a antagonistic actor was means to partially concede a infrastructure, and benefit entrance to request storage.”

In a early morning hours of Nov. 18 Central European Time (CET), cyptocurrency mining use NiceHash disccovered that some of a settings for a domain registration annals during GoDaddy were altered though authorization, quickly redirecting email and web trade for a site. NiceHash froze all patron supports for roughly 24 hours until it was means to determine that a domain settings had been altered behind to their strange settings.

“At this impulse in time, it looks like no emails, passwords, or any personal information were accessed, though we do advise resetting your cue and activate 2FA security,” a association wrote in a blog post.

NiceHash owner Matjaz Skorjanc pronounced a unapproved changes were done from an Internet residence during GoDaddy, and that a enemy attempted to use their entrance to a incoming NiceHash emails to perform cue resets on several third-party services, including Slack and Github. But he pronounced GoDaddy was unfit to strech during a time since it was undergoing a widespread complement outage in that phone and email systems were unresponsive.

“We rescued this roughly immediately [and] started to lessen [the] attack,” Skorjanc pronounced in an email to this author. “Luckily, we fought them off good and they did not benefit entrance to any critical service. Nothing was stolen.”

Skorjanc pronounced NiceHash’s email use was redirected to, an email height run by Namecheap Inc., another vast domain name registrar. Using Farsight Security, a use that maps changes to domain name annals over time, KrebsOnSecurity educated a use to uncover all domains purebred during GoDaddy that had alterations to their email annals in a past week that forked them to Those formula were afterwards indexed opposite a tip one million many renouned websites according to

The outcome shows that several other cryptocurrency platforms also competence have been targeted by a same group, including,, and None of these companies responded to requests for comment.

In response to questions from KrebsOnSecurity, GoDaddy concurred that “a tiny number” of patron domain names had been mutated after a “limited” array of GoDaddy employees fell for a amicable engineering scam. GoDaddy pronounced a outage between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. PST on Nov. 17 was not associated to a confidence incident, though rather a technical emanate that materialized during designed network maintenance.

“Separately, and separate to a outage, a slight examination of criticism activity identified intensity unapproved changes to a tiny array of patron domains and/or criticism information,” GoDaddy orator Dan Race said. “Our confidence group investigated and reliable hazard actor activity, including amicable engineering of a singular array of GoDaddy employees.

“We immediately sealed down a accounts concerned in this incident, reverted any changes that took place to accounts, and assisted influenced business with convalescent entrance to their accounts,” GoDaddy’s matter continued. “As hazard actors turn increasingly worldly and assertive in their attacks, we are constantly educating employees about new strategy that competence be used opposite them and adopting new confidence measures to forestall destiny attacks.”

Race declined to mention how a employees were duped into origination a unapproved changes, observant a matter was still underneath investigation. But in a attacks progressing this year that influenced and several other GoDaddy patron domains, a assailants targeted employees over a phone, and were means to examination inner records that GoDaddy employees had left on patron accounts.

What’s more, a conflict on redirected a site to an Internet residence in Malaysia that hosted fewer than a dozen other domains, including a phishing website This suggests a enemy behind a Mar occurrence — and presumably this latest one — succeeded by job GoDaddy employees and convincing them to use their worker certification during a fake GoDaddy login page.

In Aug 2020, KrebsOnSecurity warned about a noted boost in vast companies being targeted in worldly voice phishing or “vishing” scams. Experts contend a success of these scams has been aided severely by many employees operative remotely interjection to a ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

A standard vishing fraud starts with a array of phone calls to employees operative remotely during a targeted organization. The phishers mostly will explain that they’re job from a employer’s IT dialect to assistance troubleshoot issues with a company’s email or practical private networking (VPN) technology.

The idea is to remonstrate a aim possibly to hold their certification over a phone or to submit them manually during a website set adult by a enemy that mimics a organization’s corporate email or VPN portal.

On Jul 15, a array of high-profile Twitter accounts were used to twitter out a bitcoin fraud that warranted some-more than $100,000 in a few hours. According to Twitter, that conflict succeeded since a perpetrators were means to amicable operative several Twitter employees over a phone into giving divided entrance to inner Twitter tools.

An alert released jointly by a FBI and a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) says a perpetrators of these vishing attacks accumulate dossiers on employees during their targeted companies regulating mass scraping of open profiles on amicable media platforms, recruiter and selling tools, publicly accessible credentials check services, and open-source research.

The FBI/CISA advisory includes a array of suggestions that companies can exercise to assistance lessen a hazard from vishing attacks, including:

• Restrict VPN connectors to managed inclination only, regulating mechanisms like hardware checks or commissioned certificates, so user submit alone is not adequate to entrance a corporate VPN.

• Restrict VPN entrance hours, where applicable, to lessen entrance outward of authorised times.

• Employ domain monitoring to lane a origination of, or changes to, corporate, brand-name domains.

• Actively indicate and guard web applications for unapproved access, modification, and supernatural activities.

• Employ a element of slightest payoff and exercise program limitation policies or other controls; guard certified user accesses and usage.

• Consider regulating a formalized authentication routine for employee-to-employee communications done over a open write network where a second cause is used to
authenticate a phone call before supportive information can be discussed.

• Improve 2FA and OTP messaging to revoke difficulty about worker authentication attempts.

• Verify web links do not have misspellings or enclose a wrong domain.

• Bookmark a scold corporate VPN URL and do not revisit choice URLs on a solitary basement of an inbound phone call.

• Be questionable of unsolicited phone calls, visits, or email messages from different people claiming to be from a legitimate organization. Do not yield personal information or information about your organization, including a structure or networks, unless we are certain of a person’s management to have a information. If possible, try to determine a caller’s temperament directly with a company.

• If we accept a vishing call, request a phone array of a tourist as good as a domain that a actor attempted to send we to and send this information to law enforcement.

• Limit a volume of personal information we post on amicable networking sites. The internet is a open resource; usually post information we are gentle with anyone seeing.

• Evaluate your settings: sites competence change their options periodically, so examination your confidence and remoteness settings frequently to make certain that your choices are still appropriate.

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GMC Offers Sessions on Webster’s New Website | Webster University

Nov. 20, 2020

GMC Offers a Lessons on Webster's New Website

Webster University’s Global Marketing and Communications section will horde 3 Zoom
sessions in Dec for a Webster village to learn some-more about how to use the
new website and how a facilities are designed for a mobile-device environment
that site visitors increasingly rest upon.

The launch of a new website comes after most research, concentration groups and planning
to align with a interests of impending students, strengthen Webster’s academic
and training strengths, streamline navigation among Webster’s domestic and international
campus locations, and support a goal and prophesy as a nonrofit establishment with
over 100 years of history.

The new “mobile-first” pattern aims to raise a user knowledge by charity more
simply accessible, user accessible and amicable media optimized resources for students,
expertise and staff. This proceed means a site has a capability to adjust to whatever
electronic device accesses a site, that is critical as some-more than half of all of
Webster’s website trade comes from mobile devices.

To reconnoitre yourself with how a site works and a devise behind a interactive
and scrolling components, greatfully cruise attending one of a 3 sessions. After
registering, we will accept a acknowledgment email containing information about joining
a meeting. If some-more sessions are necessary, we will devise accordingly.

Webster New Website Sessions

Session 1 for New Website Use
Wednesday, Dec. 2, during 2:30 p.m. 
Register Here

Session 2 for New Website Use
Thursday, Dec. 3, during 2:30 p.m.
Register Here 

Session 3 for New Website Use
Monday, Dec. 7, during 2:30 p.m.
Register Here

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webster life,
webster today,
extended campus,
global selling and communications,

St. Luke’s celebrates vets with drive-thru breakfast – 69News WFMZ

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — St. Luke’s University Health Network Miners Campus is hosting a drive-thru breakfast Saturday morning for veterans in jubilee of this past Veteran’s Day. 

From 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Nov. 14, veterans will be served in their vehicles, permitting one guest.

No some-more than 4 breakfasts will be given to one vehicle, officials say.  

Staff ask that all attendees sojourn in their vehicles and wear a facade for a generation of your collect up.

St. Luke’s Miners Campus is located during 360 West Ruddle St. in Coaldale. 

Facebook throttled trade to on-going news sites: WSJ – Business Insider

  • Mark Zuckerberg sealed off on a change to Facebook’s algorithm in late 2017 that throttled trade to left-leaning news organizations “more than formerly planned,” following concerns that a change would disproportionately impact regressive media, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.
  • The pierce influenced Mother Jones, a left-leaning news opening famous for a investigations, The Journal said.
  • Mother Jones’ editor in arch pronounced on Friday that a pierce had cost a opening $400,000 to $600,000 a year and that Facebook had lied to it about a change in meetings in 2017.
  • “We did not make changes with a vigilant of impacting sold publishers,” a Facebook deputy pronounced in a matter to Business Insider.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for some-more stories.

Mark Zuckerberg sealed off on a Facebook algorithm change in 2017 that throttled trade to left-leaning news sites and cost Mother Jones hundreds of thousands of dollars, The Wall Street Journal reported and Mother Jones comparison staffers said on Friday.

Sources told The Journal that Facebook was endangered about harming regressive news outlets by changing a algorithm that governs users’ news feeds. Zuckerberg eventually sealed off on an choice that influenced “left-leaning sites” like Mother Jones “more than formerly planned,” The Journal said.

Mother Jones’ editor in chief, Clara Jeffery, slammed a social-media company on Friday, estimating that a pierce cost a announcement $400,000 to $600,000 a year.

Jeffery and Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones’ editorial executive for expansion and strategy, wrote that Facebook member lied to them in meetings about a change in 2017. “They usually swore adult and down that wasn’t what was happening,” Dreyfuss tweeted.

“We did not make changes with a vigilant of impacting sold publishers,” a Facebook deputy pronounced in a matter to Business Insider on Friday. “We usually done updates after they were reviewed by many opposite teams opposite many disciplines to safeguard a motive was transparent and unchanging and could be explained to all publishers.”

In a 2019 report that pronounced Facebook was “killing genuine news,” Mother Jones used a possess information to uncover that a Facebook-referred trade surpassed 20 million page views in early 2017 though discontinued to fewer than 5 million page views in late 2017 and 2018.

The dates aligned with The Journal’s news that pronounced Facebook done changes to a algorithm that deemphasized Mother Jones’ calm in late 2017.

Jeffery said on Friday that when she published a 2019 report, she wasn’t wakeful that Facebook had done any process changes “targeting us in particular.”

Jeffery described Facebook’s movement as “an INTENTIONAL change to harm shops that do critical inquisitive journalism.”

Read The Wall Street Journal’s full news here. Read Jeffery’s comments here.

TRAFFIC UPDATE: Interstate 24 transparent after morning multi-vehicle wreck

Update, 11 a.m.: Interstate 24 eastward trade is now transparent by Montgomery County.

Update, 10:15 a.m.: Traffic is still corroborated adult to about mile pen 6.

Update, 9:05 a.m.: Traffic is now corroborated adult to about mile pen 6.


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (CLARKSVILLENOW) – A pile-up involving several vehicles had Interstate 24 eastward blocked in Clarksville Thursday morning.

The mutilate happened during 8:21 a.m. during mile pen 11.

As of 8:50, trade was corroborated adult past Exit 8.

This story will be updated.