6 Things You Must Do Before You Ever Accept Guest Posts

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Guest posting can be an impossibly profitable selling tactic. For most, guest posting is all about edition your calm on other websites. However, there is also a large event when we concede others to guest post on your website.

Accepting guest posts is a good approach to grow your blog though carrying to do a ton of work. Guest posters will share their calm when it’s published and will subsequently promote your blog. Free marketing! That giveaway selling can lead to some-more amicable media shares and, hopefully, links to your site.

But usurpation guest posts isn’t easy in a beginning. You need to prepare.

Here are 6 things we contingency do before we ever accept guest posts.

1. Figure Out Your Goals

Publishing guest posts on your blog is roughly guaranteed to move in new visitors to your website. So what are your goals for these additional visitors?

  • Do we wish them to concede to your email list?
  • Is your ultimate thought to boost your conversions or your click-through rate?
  • Do we wish some-more amicable media followers?

Whatever your endgame competence be, it’s critical to put some suspicion into it before we concede people to start guest posting. You can afterwards ready your website to best implement a additional trade to accommodate your specific goals. A large mistake companies make is regulating toward this devise anticipating to reap all a benefits, and oftentimes their website is confused and they finish adult indeed blank opportunities.

If we wish people to pointer adult for your email list, embody a hit form and maybe even a sign-up inducement on a initial page of your site so no one will skip it. If we wish to boost conversions, cruise regulating a sale or graduation around a same time we tell your initial guest post. Set a thought (or a few), ready your site, afterwards let your guest do a selling for you.

2. Create Guest Posting Guidelines

Once we open your blog to guest posts you’re firm to get a lot of inquiries about your expectations for posts. You can save yourself some time and simply residence these questions by posting a discipline page (check out SEJ’s rules for guest contributors page as one example). This will also let visitors know that you’re open to guest posts and hopefully inspire them to hit you.

Consider including information about how prolonged we wish posts to be, some probable topics you’re meddlesome in, your elite character of writing, and any incentives we competence be peaceful to offer.

SEJ writers program

For instance, SEJ’s Writer’s Program page lists a few good perks to attract writers:

  • Share your imagination with a whopping 1 million+ monthly viewers, over half of whom are internet marketers.
  • Earn adult to $75 in Amazon present cards any month for tip behaving articles.
  • First dibs on giveaway discussion press passes in sell for covering it on SEJ.
  • Access to disdainful SEJ programs and events including webinars, SEJ Summit, podcasts, and more.
  • Access to an disdainful SEJ Writer’s Facebook Group where we can network with other SEJ writers.
  • Monthly email from Jenise Henrikson, SEJ’s Executive Editor, with tons of essay ideas. (These go fast!)
  • The undying, almighty adore of a whole SEJ team. 3

You can also optimize your discipline page by including keywords like “guest post guidelines” or “write for us.”

3. Highlight Your Stats

Again, no one is going to write for we for free, so make certain we can explain since it’s value it for them to select you. You should have statistics straightforwardly accessible like how many monthly visits your site attracts, assembly demographics, or how many people are signed adult for your newsletter or email list.

They competence wish to know how many Twitter supporters we have, or what your following looks like on LinkedIn or Facebook. While they have entrance to some of this information though your help, it will demeanour good if we can immediately answer their questions with some tough stats.

If not all of your numbers are good (because whose are?), try to only concentration on a best statistics — something that’s easier to do if we have control of a conversation.

4. Create a Plan for Promoting Guest Posts

Another thing that guest posters competence be wondering about is how we devise on promotion their post after they’re finished essay it. It’s only as critical for your success to have a devise in mind as it is for theirs.

If amicable media is a large partial of your selling plan, afterwards stress that. Share how mostly we customarily twitter new posts, or how many shares we get when we post calm on Facebook or LinkedIn. If we generally share your posts by a newsletter or email list afterwards explain that to your guests.

You should foster guest posts accurately a same approach we foster your possess content; this is really not a time to tardy off in that area. Remember, a some-more we foster a post, a some-more others will be encouraged to do a same, and this will outcome in increasing trade for your website.

Sergio Aicardi bio

In addition, have an thought of where you’ll put their author bio. Guest posters should contention a good print and specific (but not too detailed) author bio, and they’ll wish this information displayed prominently somewhere on your website. Knowing where you’ll put it forward of time will send a summary that we value their work and are unapproachable to foster it.

5. Make Sure a Content on Your Home Page Is a Best You Have to Offer

This has some-more to do with we than with your guests, though it’s critical nonetheless. Think about what summary we wish to send to all these new visitors.

What’s a initial thing visitors going to see when they arrive on your page? Is it deputy of your code and your company? If not, it’s time for a revision.

Think privately in terms of calm — if a caller reads one post and ends adult on your site, they competence be encouraged to review more. You wish to make certain a articles they see initial are some of your best work, and it doesn’t harm to underline a few with enchanting headlines (as prolonged as a calm inside a essay is valuable, that it always should be).

6. Give Your Social Media Presence a Boost

There’s zero wrong with regulating a increasing trade generated from guest posting to give your amicable media participation a small “pick-me-up.” In fact, it’s encouraged!

You can do this by creation certain your Facebook, Twitter, and any other amicable media sites we use have buttons manifest on your website so people can simply entrance these websites.

Consider including your Twitter hoop or LinkedIn web residence in your hit form, that should also be displayed somewhere prominently on your site.


There are many advantages to permitting guest posts on your website:

  • You have a possibility to prominence a opposite voice or opinion on a topic.
  • It’s giveaway calm for your blog.
  • You’ll accept increasing amicable media exposure.
  • You’ll have giveaway time to finish other tasks that would routinely be neglected when you’re writing.

Just make certain you’re prepared to accept guest posts. Remember, there are copiousness of other good blogs looking to attract guest writers. Following these 6 tips will assistance make certain your blog looks professional and stands out as one of a best in your industry.

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