China’s ‘Great Cannon’ Censors Foreign Websites by Force: Report


Image: Protest opposite China censorship during CeBIT 2015 Technology Trade FairAlexander Koerner / Getty Images

A protester opposite internet censorship, wearing a Computer as a helmet, is seen outward Hanover Congress Centrum on Mar 15, in Hanover, Germany.

There’s a new apparatus in China’s arsenal of Internet censorship tools: In further to a obvious “Great Firewall” restraint those in a nation from visiting certain sites, there is now a “Great Cannon” that deluges unfamiliar websites with trade in sequence to take them offline. The technique is detailed in a new news from a University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, that also coins a term. It radically works by hijacking trade to a renouned website, in this box Chinese hunt hulk Baidu, and redirecting it toward a aim — this time it was, a site hosted outward China that monitors censorship in a nation and provides entrance to blocked material.

“Conducting such a widespread conflict clearly demonstrates a weaponization of a Chinese Internet to co-opt capricious computers opposite a web and outward of China to grasp China’s process ends,” reads a report. Such systems could also be configured to route and cgange trade entrance from a aim individual, instead of any channel a limit or going to a certain website. But Western authorities competence have an ungainly time condemning a Great Cannon, a researchers note, given a U.S. and U.K. have built unequivocally identical systems with unequivocally identical intentions, as indicated by papers leaked by former NSA executive Edward Snowden.

The best invulnerability opposite any counter of this type, unfamiliar or domestic, is good encryption, a news concludes. If a information can’t be review by hackers or spies in a initial place, it can’t be tampered with.



—Devin Coldewey



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Henry Austin assimilated NBC News as a writer in Jun 2013, and covers domestic and unfamiliar violation stories for Austin assimilated NBC News after some-more than 10 years as a reporter. After starting during British press organisation South West News Service, he altered to British newspapers The Sun and The People, before relocating to Canada to assistance set adult press organisation Hot News. There, he lonesome U.S. news stories for a accumulation of newspapers and magazines around a world.

He lives in London and works out of a NBC News London bureau.

“,”name”:”Henry Austin”,”byline_type”:”author”,”picture”:{“credit”:”Steve Forrest”,”caption”:”Image: Henry Austin of NBC News.”,”url”:””,”width”:1500,”height”:1500}}],”first_published_utc”:”2015-04-14 09:48:46 Z”,”last_published_utc”:”2015-04-14 09:49:50 Z”,”sections”:[{“title”:”News”,”slug”:”news”},{“title”:”Health”,”slug”:”health”}],”topics”:[{“title”:”U.S. news”,”slug”:”us-news”},{“title”:”Health news”,”slug”:”health-news”}],”feature”:[],”show”:[],”storyline”:[],”tags”:[],”labels”:[],”id”:”NewsCms/Entry/341106″,”externalId”:”341106″,”externalSource”:”NewsCms”,”main_art”:{“caption”:”Mikaela Jane Davidson”,”url”:””,”credit”:null,”source”:”Brigham and Women’s Hospital”,”alt_text”:”Mikaela Jane Davidson”,”width”:2250,”height”:1502,”title”:”Mikaela Jane Davidson”}},{“body”:[{“type”:”p”,”html”:””},{“type”:”widget”,”widget_type”:”inline-video”,”videoType”:”Original”,”mpxId”:”248493635587″,”guid”:”p_30stk_boko_haram2_140506″,”pubDate”:”2014-05-07 10:09:00 Z”,”expirationDate”:”2111-10-25 21:09:00 Z”,”playbackIsDisabled”:false,”availabilityState”:”available”,”title”:”Who Are Nigeria’s Boko Haram?”,”description”:”RAND Corporation Associate Director Seth Jones takes a demeanour during Boko Haram, a Islamic apprehension organisation that has abducted some-more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls.”,”thumbnail”:””,”source”:””,”sourceId”:null,”canonicalUrl”:”″,”shortUrl”:””,”associatedPlaylistUrl”:”″,”fallbackPlaylistUrl”:null,”topVideosPlaylistUrl”:”″,”mezzVersion”:”2″,”embedUrl”:”″,”videoAssets”:[{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”420″,”height”:”240″,”bitRate”:”500000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”640″,”height”:”360″,”bitRate”:”800000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”OnceURL”,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”0″,”height”:”0″,”bitRate”:”0″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”ISM”,”assetType”:”Smooth_1″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”800″,”height”:”600″,”bitRate”:”1000″,”privateUrl”:null}],”defaultAssociation”:null,”duration”:43,”liveVideoEvent”:null,”liveVideoStatus”:null,”hasCaption”:false,”autoPlay”:true},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”It was ostensible to be a branch indicate in a bloody quarrel opposite Boko Haram. The mass abduction of 276 schoolgirls from a Nigerian city of Chibok overwhelmed off a tsunami of tellurian outrage.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”But accurately one year after a likes of Michelle Obama, Rihanna and Ellen DeGeneres helped #BringBackOurGirls turn an general rallying cry and call to arms, Hauwa Biu does not feel any safer.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””},{“type”:”widget”,”widget_type”:”tweet_embed”,”desktop”:”%3Cblockquote%20class=%22twitter-tweet%22%20lang=%22en%22%3E%3Cp%3EOur%20prayers%20are%20with%20the%20missing%20Nigerian%20girls%20and%20their%20families.%20It’s%20time%20to%20%3Ca%20href=%22—%20The%20First%20Lady%20(@FLOTUS)%20%3Ca%20href=%22,%202014%3C/a%3E%3C/blockquote%3E%20%3Cscript%20async%20src=%22//”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””The Chibok girls were usually one organisation of many, many others who have been kidnapped given final year,” pronounced Biu, a woman’s rights romantic and highbrow in Maiduguri, Nigeria. “I can't contend that a #BringBackOurGirls debate has finished women and immature girls in a northeast feel any safer.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”While a few dozen of a Chibok girls have transient Boko Haram captivity, some-more than 200 are still missing. To Biu, a general debate to recover a girls did tiny to move them home — or stop large others from being taken since.”},{“type”:”h5″,”html”:”COMING UP: Watch NBC News’ #LostGirls webcast during 1:30 p.m. ET“},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”What a debate had successfully achieved, she said, was “to make a universe wakeful of what a supervision has not done.””},{“type”:”h2″,”html”:”***”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”It’s not for miss of trying: Partners such as a U.S. primarily offering Nigeria assistance in anticipating a blank girls. Nigeria’s infantry also launched an descent — with a assistance of a neighbors — to retrieve domain from Boko Haram. The belligerent organisation — whose name roughly translated means “Western preparation is a sin” — has been waging a bloody quarrel to settle an Islamic state.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Most of those general partnerships to assistance find a girls have not been sustained, according to Jacob Zenn, a Nigeria consultant with a Washington-based Jamestown Foundation.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””Any initial confidence that a U.S. and other partners would find a girls has unequivocally been gradual now given it’s been a year,” Zenn said. “The partnerships to find a girls didn’t endure.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Many analysts believed during a time of a Chibok abduction that a general courtesy competence lift a girls’ value in negotiations — even satisfy Boko Haram to an arrangement or warrant swap.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””},{“type”:”widget”,”widget_type”:”inline-video”,”videoType”:”WebExtra”,”mpxId”:”404071491638″,”guid”:”x_lon_nigeriaforce_150225″,”pubDate”:”2015-02-25 12:37:59 Z”,”expirationDate”:”9999-12-31 23:59:59 Z”,”playbackIsDisabled”:false,”availabilityState”:”available”,”title”:”FROM FEB. 25: Boko Haram Targeted by Nigerian Military Air Assault”,”description”:”Nigerian infantry video claimed to uncover barrage of Boko Haram locations in Borno state. It is not transparent who a total are seen running.”,”thumbnail”:””,”source”:”NBC News”,”sourceId”:null,”canonicalUrl”:”″,”shortUrl”:”″,”associatedPlaylistUrl”:”″,”fallbackPlaylistUrl”:null,”topVideosPlaylistUrl”:”″,”mezzVersion”:”1″,”embedUrl”:”″,”videoAssets”:[{“format”:”ISM”,”assetType”:”Smooth_1″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”1464″,”height”:”824″,”bitRate”:”3764000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”OnceURL”,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”0″,”height”:”0″,”bitRate”:”0″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”420″,”height”:”240″,”bitRate”:”500000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”640″,”height”:”360″,”bitRate”:”800000″,”privateUrl”:null}],”defaultAssociation”:null,”duration”:26,”liveVideoEvent”:null,”liveVideoStatus”:null,”hasCaption”:false,”autoPlay”:false},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”However, a immeasurable infancy of a Chibok girls are still missing. Boko Haram’s personality claimed they were married off, many experts trust they have been distant into smaller groups and there are rumors that others still have been killed.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””It’s such a poser that it’s tough to comprehend,” Zenn said. “At this indicate anticipating one or dual would be an accomplishment. If they could find even a few of a girls it’d give wish a others are out there… There hasn’t even been that minimal volume of wish given a girls were taken.””},{“type”:”h2″,”html”:”***”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Since then, Boko Haram’s debate of apprehension has continued mostly unabated. At slightest 15,000 people have died in Boko Haram-linked assault given 2009, according to a United Nations.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”According to data gathered by a Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) and analyzed by NBC News, 10,340 aroused deaths between Nov 2013 and Nov 2014 were related to a belligerent group. In that duration around a same series of civilians — 10,733 — were vigourously killed in Iraq, according to a United Nations.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Countless some-more have been abducted, abused, forcibly recruited and theme to “horrific abuse, including passionate enslavement,” a U.N.’s tellurian rights arch pronounced this month.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””},{“type”:”widget”,”widget_type”:”inline-video”,”videoType”:”WebExtra”,”mpxId”:”304214083769″,”guid”:”x_30_tur_bokoharam_140714″,”pubDate”:”2014-07-14 12:05:00 Z”,”expirationDate”:”2112-01-02 12:05:00 Z”,”playbackIsDisabled”:false,”availabilityState”:”available”,”title”:”FROM JULY 14, 2014: Boko Haram mocks #BringBackOurGirls In New Video”,”description”:”In a new video, Boko Harama mocks a #BringBackOurGirls campaign, and final that a Nigerian supervision recover members of their organisation detained in Nigeria. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.”,”thumbnail”:””,”source”:”NBC News”,”sourceId”:null,”canonicalUrl”:”″,”shortUrl”:”″,”associatedPlaylistUrl”:”″,”fallbackPlaylistUrl”:null,”topVideosPlaylistUrl”:”″,”mezzVersion”:”1″,”embedUrl”:”″,”videoAssets”:[{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”OnceURL”,”publicUrl”:”″,”width”:”0″,”height”:”0″,”bitRate”:”0″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:”″,”width”:”640″,”height”:”360″,”bitRate”:”800000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”420″,”height”:”240″,”bitRate”:”500000″,”privateUrl”:null}],”defaultAssociation”:null,”duration”:71,”liveVideoEvent”:null,”liveVideoStatus”:null,”hasCaption”:false,”autoPlay”:false},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, pronounced his bureau has perceived mixed reports that Boko Haram fighters “murdered their supposed ‘wives’ ” — women and girls in labour — as supervision infantry modernized and that a militants are regulating children as “expendable cannon fodder” and “human bombs.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Boko Haram also has “intensified a incursions” into adjacent countries such as Chad, “spreading carnage and gloom even some-more widely,” Al Hussain added.”},{“type”:”h2″,”html”:”***”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Those incursions — attacks on Nigeria’s neighbors, high-profile attacks — were what drew Nigeria’s neighbors into a quarrel and combined fuel to a anti-Boko Haram offensive, according to analysts.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””I don’t consider a Chibok girls were a branch point,” pronounced Raffaello Pantucci, comparison investigate associate during London’s Royal United Services Institute consider tank. “I consider there were a slew of other events that crystallized a need to do something about a group… Twitter activism — hashtagging something — unfortunately doesn’t change a world.””},{“type”:”image”,”url”:””,”caption”:”A Kenyan romantic during a proof in Nairobi, Kenya, opposite a abduction of girls by Boko Haram on May 15, 2014.rn”,”credit”:”DAI KUROKAWA”,”source”:”EPA file”,”title”:”Image: Kenyan romantic protests a abduction of Nigerian girls on May 15, 2014″,”alt_text”:”Image: Kenyan romantic protests a abduction of Nigerian girls on May 15, 2014″,”half_size_image”:false,”image_hyperlink”:null,”width”:2500,”height”:1667},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”He pronounced that a strong informal operations have not had a poignant impact on Boko Haram’s operations.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””The vigour has begun to pull it behind a tiny bit yet we are still saying reports of mass kidnappings and lots of people dying,” Pantucci added. “Broadly vocalization it’s an classification that continues to insist and exist. It’s not an classification that has left divided by any widen of a imagination.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Pantucci forked out that while Nigeria’s new choosing was praised for low levels of assault “dozens were killed” in Boko Haram attacks during voting.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””The disbeliever in me says zero has unequivocally changed,” Pantucci added. “They continue to kidnap women, they continue to press-gang children to be child soldiers.””},{“type”:”h2″,”html”:”***”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Maiduguri-based romantic and publisher Fatima Dikwa would agree. She credits Nigeria’s infantry for relocating to take some-more movement opposite Boko Haram. However, she remarkable that — one year after #BringBackOurGirls — women were still pang and temperament a brunt of Boko Haram’s terror.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””Women are during a receiving finish of a insurgency,” she said. “Whenever they raid a village, they take a lot of women with them. A lot of immature girls have been captured, it’s not usually a Chibok girls.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”At slightest 2,000 women and girls have been abducted by Boko Haram given a start of 2014, according to a news published Tuesday by Amnesty International.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””The blank schoolgirls are usually a tiny suit of a women, girls, immature organisation and boys abducted by Boko Haram,” a rights organisation said.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”For now, a predestine of a Chibok girls stays a poser — yet a horrors they could be confronting are good documented by other captives who have managed to escape.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””},{“type”:”widget”,”widget_type”:”inline-video”,”videoType”:”Broadcast”,”mpxId”:”364568131586″,”guid”:”nn_acu_haram_141127″,”pubDate”:”2014-11-27 23:51:06 Z”,”expirationDate”:”2024-12-31 23:59:00 Z”,”playbackIsDisabled”:false,”availabilityState”:”available”,”title”:”FROM NOV. 27, 2014: One Woman’s Story of Escape from Boko Haram”,”description”:”Seven months ago, Mercy Paul was one of a some-more than 200 girls kidnapped by Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram. Today she’s giveaway and vital in Oregon.”,”thumbnail”:”–1280×720.jpg”,”source”:”Nightly News”,”sourceId”:null,”canonicalUrl”:”–one-woman-s-story-of-escape-from-boko-haram-364568131586″,”shortUrl”:””,”associatedPlaylistUrl”:”″,”fallbackPlaylistUrl”:null,”topVideosPlaylistUrl”:”″,”mezzVersion”:”1″,”embedUrl”:”″,”videoAssets”:[{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Akamai Video”,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”640″,”height”:”360″,”bitRate”:”989238″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”ISM”,”assetType”:”Smooth_1″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”1464″,”height”:”824″,”bitRate”:”3764000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Akamai Video”,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”1280″,”height”:”720″,”bitRate”:”3407867″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Akamai Video”,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”854″,”height”:”480″,”bitRate”:”1649767″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Akamai Video”,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”426″,”height”:”240″,”bitRate”:”549820″,”privateUrl”:null}],”defaultAssociation”:null,”duration”:155,”liveVideoEvent”:null,”liveVideoStatus”:null,”hasCaption”:false,”autoPlay”:false},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Nigeria’s inhabitant confidence confidant pronounced progressing this year there was tiny new information about a girls, save for a faith that they have been diluted and presumably sold.”},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””Every time we have notice footage over a area we are unequivocally carefree — not unequivocally confident — yet we are unequivocally hopeful,” Sambo Dasuki told an assembly in London in January. “Maybe one day we will find something there. But so distant there is nothing.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Nigeria’s incoming boss Muhammadu Buhari affianced Tuesday that his administration will do “everything we can” to better Boko Haram and “hear a agonise of a citizens.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:”Buhari also, though, concurred his “new proceed contingency start with honesty.””},{“type”:”p”,”html”:””We do not know if a Chibok girls can be rescued. Their locale sojourn unknown,” he pronounced in a statement. “As most as we wish to we can't guarantee that we can find them. But we contend to each parent, family member and crony of a children that my supervision will do all in a energy to move them home.””}],”summary”:”Exactly one year after #BringBackOurGirls became an general rallying cry, where are a kidnapped girls? And is Nigeria any safer?”,”mediaList”:null,”breaking_news”:false,”show_on_cover”:true,”ads_enabled”:true,”comments_enabled”:true,”search_enabled”:true,”native_ad”:false,”copyright”:””,”cover_art”:null,”tease_art”:null,”canonical_url”:”″,”short_url”:””,”title_url_slug”:”bringbackourgirls-boko-haram-terror-unabated-year-after-chibok-kidnappings”,”original_canonical_url”:”″,”source”:”NBC News”,”seo_slug”:”bringbackourgirls-boko-haram”,”seo_headline”:””,”headline_breaking_news”:””,”pinned”:false,”source_type”:””,”news_keywords”:null,”type”:”post”,”headline”:”#BringBackOurGirls: Boko Haram Terror Unabated Year After Chibok Kidnappings”,”headline_cover”:”A Year After #BringBackOurGirls, What Happened to Them?”,”headline_slug”:”bringbackourgirls-boko-haram-terror-unabated-year-after-chibok-kidnappings”,”social_headline”:”#BringBackOurGirls: Boko Haram Terror Unabated Year After Chibok Kidnappings”,”bylines”:[{“type”:”Byline”,”is_vip”:false,”city”:”London”,”facebook_page”:””,”gplus”:null,”instagram”:null,”professional_title”:null,”show_or_site”:null,”twitter_handle”:”@CassVinograd”,”email”:””,”bio”:”

Cassandra Vinograd is a Senior Writer and News Editor. Before fasten NBC News, she worked as a London-based match for The Associated Press and specialized in politics, unfamiliar affairs and defense.

Vinograd formerly worked as an editor for The Wall Street Journal in Brussels and London.

She has reported extensively from Afghanistan and on West Africa and a Middle East.

“,”name”:”Cassandra Vinograd”,”byline_type”:”author”,”picture”:null},{“type”:”Byline”,”is_vip”:false,”city”:”London”,”facebook_page”:””,”gplus”:null,”instagram”:null,”professional_title”:”Reporter”,”show_or_site”:””,”twitter_handle”:”AlexSmithNBC”,”email”:””,”bio”:”

Alexander Smith is a staff contributor during formed in London. He started work there in Aug 2013, and is obliged for finding, verifying, and essay violation stories. He altered to NBC News from a standalone startup, where he was a violation news editor. Before Breaking News, he was a contributor in a informal press where he lonesome crime and courts.

“,”name”:”Alexander Smith”,”byline_type”:”author”,”picture”:{“credit”:”Steve Forrest”,”caption”:”Image: Alexander Smith of NBC News.”,”url”:””,”width”:1500,”height”:1500}}],”first_published_utc”:”2015-04-14 08:41:08 Z”,”last_published_utc”:”2015-04-14 08:51:34 Z”,”sections”:[{“title”:”News”,”slug”:”news”}],”topics”:[{“title”:”World”,”slug”:”world”},{“title”:”Africa”,”slug”:”africa”}],”feature”:[],”show”:[],”storyline”:[{“entry_position”:158,”entry_count”:159,”count_in_24h”:2,”title”:”Missing Nigeria Schoolgirls”,”slug”:”missing-nigeria-schoolgirls”}],”tags”:[],”labels”:[],”id”:”NewsCms/Entry/340491″,”externalId”:”340491″,”externalSource”:”NewsCms”,”main_art”:{“caption”:”A Kenyan romantic looks on as she binds adult a poster during a proof to criticism opposite abduction of Nigerian propagandize girls by Nigeria’s Islamist belligerent organisation Boko Haram, in Nairobi, Kenya, 15 May 2014″,”url”:””,”credit”:null,”source”:”EPA file”,”alt_text”:”Image: Kenyan activists criticism opposite a abduction of Nigerian propagandize girls”,”width”:2500,”height”:1667,”title”:”Image: Kenyan activists criticism opposite a abduction of Nigerian propagandize girls”}},{“body”:null,”summary”:”Protesters marched by Abuja, Nigeria, imprinting one year given some-more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram militants.”,”mediaList”:null,”breaking_news”:false,”show_on_cover”:false,”ads_enabled”:true,”comments_enabled”:true,”search_enabled”:true,”native_ad”:false,”copyright”:””,”cover_art”:null,”tease_art”:null,”canonical_url”:”″,”short_url”:”″,”title_url_slug”:”silent-march-marks-anniversary-chibok-schoolgirls-kidnap”,”original_canonical_url”:”″,”source”:”NBC News”,”seo_slug”:”silent-march-marks-anniversary-of-chibok-schoolgirls-kidnap”,”seo_headline”:””,”headline_breaking_news”:””,”pinned”:false,”source_type”:””,”news_keywords”:null,”video”:{“type”:””,”widget_type”:””,”videoType”:”WebExtra”,”mpxId”:”427635267982″,”guid”:”x_lon_abuja_150414″,”pubDate”:”2015-04-14 08:45:00 Z”,”expirationDate”:”2112-10-02 08:45:00 Z”,”playbackIsDisabled”:false,”availabilityState”:”available”,”title”:”Silent Mar Marks Anniversary of Chibok Schoolgirls’ Kidnap”,”description”:”Protesters marched by Abuja, Nigeria, imprinting one year given some-more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram militants.”,”thumbnail”:””,”source”:”NBC News”,”sourceId”:null,”canonicalUrl”:”″,”shortUrl”:””,”associatedPlaylistUrl”:”″,”fallbackPlaylistUrl”:null,”topVideosPlaylistUrl”:”″,”mezzVersion”:”1″,”embedUrl”:”″,”videoAssets”:[{“format”:”ISM”,”assetType”:”Smooth_1″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”1464″,”height”:”824″,”bitRate”:”3764000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:”″,”width”:”420″,”height”:”240″,”bitRate”:”500000″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”OnceURL”,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”0″,”height”:”0″,”bitRate”:”0″,”privateUrl”:null},{“format”:”MPEG4″,”assetType”:”Limelight MP4″,”publicUrl”:””,”width”:”640″,”height”:”360″,”bitRate”:”800000″,”privateUrl”:null}],”duration”:26,”hasCaption”:false},”type”:”video”,”headline”:”Silent Mar Marks Anniversary of Chibok Schoolgirls’ Kidnap”,”headline_cover”:””,”headline_slug”:”silent-march-marks-anniversary-chibok-schoolgirls-kidnap”,”social_headline”:”Silent Mar Marks Anniversary of Chibok Schoolgirls’ Kidnap”,”bylines”:[],”first_published_utc”:”2015-04-14 08:50:25 Z”,”last_published_utc”:”2015-04-14 08:50:24 Z”,”sections”:[{“title”:”News”,”slug”:”news”}],”topics”:[{“title”:”World”,”slug”:”world”},{“title”:”Africa”,”slug”:”africa”},{“title”:”Video”,”slug”:”video”}],”feature”:[],”show”:[],”storyline”:[{“entry_position”:159,”entry_count”:159,”count_in_24h”:2,”title”:”Missing Nigeria Schoolgirls”,”slug”:”missing-nigeria-schoolgirls”}],”tags”:[],”labels”:[],”id”:”NewsCms/Entry/341101″,”externalId”:”341101″,”externalSource”:”NewsCms”,”main_art”:{“caption”:null,”url”:””,”credit”:null,”source”:null,”alt_text”:null,”width”:0,”height”:0},”taxons”:[{“slug”:”news”,”type”:”Section”,”title”:”News”,”topics”:[]}]}]};

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The “Great Cannon”: How China Turns Its Websites Into Cyber Weapons

The Great Cannon: How China Turns Its Websites Into Cyberweapons 

When anti-Chinese censorship services got strike with a crippling distributed-denial-of-service conflict final month, researchers fast pegged China as a culprit. Now, Citizen Lab has pinpointed a Chinese apparatus that done this conflict happen. They’re job it a Great Cannon.

Separate from though located within China’s Great Firewall, this “Great Cannon” injects antagonistic code as a approach to make state censorship, by regulating cyberattacks to repairs services that assistance people within China see criminialized content.

The Great Cannon is not simply an prolongation of a Great Firewall, though a graphic conflict apparatus that hijacks trade to (or presumably from) sold IP addresses, and can arbitrarily reinstate unencrypted calm as a man-in-the-middle.

With this many new DDoS attack, a Great Cannon worked by weaponizing a web trade of visitors to Baidu or any website that used Baidu’s endless ad network. This means anyone visiting a Baidu-affiliated from anywhere in a universe was exposed to getting their web trade hijacked and incited into a arms to inundate anti-censorship websites with too most traffic.

This sold conflict had a slight target: Specific sites famous to by-pass Chinese censorship. But Citizen Lab thinks a Great Cannon could be used in a most broader way. Since it is able of producing a full-blown man-in-the-middle attack, it could be used to prevent unencrypted emails, for example.

The conflict launched by a Great Cannon appears comparatively apparent and coarse: a denial-of-service conflict on services disgusting to a Chinese government. Yet a conflict itself indicates a distant some-more poignant capability: an ability to “exploit by IP address”. This possibility, not nonetheless celebrated though a underline of a architecture, represents a manly cyberattack capability.

As Citizen Lab’s researchers note, it’s flattering bizarre that China would uncover off this absolute arms by regulating it in such a forked attack.

Conducting such a widespread conflict clearly demonstrates a weaponization of a Chinese Internet to co-opt capricious computers opposite a web and outward of China to grasp China’s process ends.

The usually china backing here is that this might prompt a some-more obligatory pull to switch to HTTPS, given a Great Cannon usually works on HTTP. This conflict creates it painfully apparent that regulating HTTPS isn’t only a intelligent safeguard— it’s a required prevision opposite absolute state-sponsored cyberattacks. [Citizen Lab]

Image around Flickr / Dan Hankins

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The “Great Cannon” will fire down websites over Chinese borders, contend …


China has stretched a internet censorship efforts with a new plan that secretly intercepts web trade and redirects it during websites opposite a globe.

Dubbed “Great Cannon,” a new plan targets websites and services directed during assisting Chinese netizens by-pass a “Great Firewall,” according to a news by a Citizen Lab during a University of Toronto.

The news states that “the Great Cannon is not simply an prolongation of a Great Firewall, though a graphic conflict apparatus that hijacks trade to (or presumably from) particular IP addresses, and can arbitrarily reinstate unencrypted calm as a man-in-the-middle.”

The commentary support claims from a romantic organization GreatFire, that final month pronounced China was seeking to close down a websites that offer “mirrored” calm from blocked websites like those of a New York Times and others.

In a minute write adult by The Economist on several identical attacks of this nature, a journal claims that unfamiliar trade entering China meant for Baidu was intercepted and redirected during American websites.

The redirected trade impressed a bandwidth and resources of a targeted websites, effectively holding them offline and using adult complicated costs for a owners.

While on a subject of censorship, we competence be astounded to hear that China ranked a small 176 out of 180 countries in a 2015 World Press Freedom Index, and that in 2013 a Chinese media sourroundings was announced as being “one of a world’s many restrictive.”

By Dominic Jackson

China’s ‘Great Cannon’ shoots down websites it doesn’t like

Rusty iron cannon on a height of Juyongguan pass, Changping County, Beijing, China

According to a new news from Citizen Lab, China has not usually built itself a “Great Cannon” though has already dismissed it as well. This manly online arms seems to be able of intercepting internet trade during a inhabitant turn afterwards directing it during specific networks to hit them offline. China’s already widely suspected of being behind a new conflict opposite Github, that was overloaded for scarcely a week around “an ongoing and evolving vast DDOS attack.” Now it appears that Github’s enemy used a Cannon to route that trade from Chinese hunt engine hulk Baidu to ravage a website. All reportedly since a San Francisco-based website hosted a span of pages that couple to calm criminialized in China.

The arms works most like a customary man-on-the-side attack, that operates by intercepting information as it is sent between dual nodes, afterwards redirecting it to a third. The Cannon appears to precedence an analytics book ordinarily distributed by a Baidu hunt engine. Normally, this book is innocuous, promulgation information behind to Baidu whenever a user visits a website that it is using on. But according to Citizen Lab, a Cannon’s creators fiddled with a formula a bit so that, instead of promulgation a parcel of data, it redirected a user to Github thereby flooding a website with trade from gullible users.

While a US does have a likewise able arms in the QUANTUM program, America has never employed it in such a arrogant and open display. What’s more, it could vigilance a discouraging change in China’s online behavior; relocating from the pacifist censorship of the Great Firewall to actively aggressive unfamiliar sites with a Great Cannon.

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China May Have Broader Web Traffic Tampering Capabilities, Group Says

BEIJING—A new cyberattack on a U.S. coding website suggests China has broader capabilities to breach with tellurian web trade than formerly recognized, a new news said.

Toronto-based tellurian rights investigate organisation Citizen Lab pronounced Friday a attack, widely believed to have come from China, showed a nation has grown an descent cyber apparatus that it could potentially use for a extended operation of purposes, such as to send viruses…

‘Great Cannon’ Internet trade diverter widens Chinese censorship powers …

China has stretched a Internet censorship efforts over a borders with a new plan that attacks websites opposite a globe, researchers pronounced Friday.

The new strategy, dubbed “Great Cannon,” seeks to close down websites and services directed during assisting a Chinese by-pass a “Great Firewall,” according to a news by a Citizen Lab during a University of Toronto.

“While a conflict infrastructure is co-located with a Great Firewall, a conflict was carried out by a apart descent system, with opposite capabilities and design, that we tenure a ‘Great Cannon,’ ” a news said.

“The Great Cannon is not simply an prolongation of a Great Firewall, though a graphic conflict apparatus that hijacks trade to (or presumably from) particular IP addresses.”

The news supports claims by a romantic classification GreatFire, that final month claimed China was seeking to close down a websites that offer “mirrored” calm from blocked websites like those of a New York Times and others.

The technique involves hijacking Internet trade to a large Chinese hunt engine Baidu and regulating that in “denial of service” attacks, that inundate a website in an bid to hit it offline.

The news authors pronounced a new apparatus represents “a poignant escalation in state-level information control” by regulating “an conflict apparatus to make censorship by weaponizing users.”

The Great Cannon manipulates a trade of “bystander” systems including “any unfamiliar mechanism that communicates with any China-based website not entirely utilizing (encryption).”

The Citizen Lab researchers pronounced they found “compelling justification that a Chinese supervision operates a GC (Great Cannon),” notwithstanding Beijing’s denials of impasse in cyberattacks.

Because a Great Cannon shares formula and infrastructure with a Great Firewall, this “strongly suggests a bureaucratic actor,” pronounced a report, that enclosed partnership from researchers during a University of California and Princeton University.

The researchers pronounced that deploying a Great Cannon “is a vital change in tactics,” and that it would expected “require a capitulation of high-level authorities within a Chinese government.”

“The government’s logic for deploying a GC here is unclear, though it might wish to confront a hazard presented to a Communist Party of China’s ideological control by a ‘collateral freedom’ plan modernized by and others,” a news said.

The news was constructed by researchers Bill Marczak, Nicholas Weaver, Jakub Dalek, Roya Ensafi, David Fifield, Sarah McKune, Arn Rey, John Scott-Railton, Ronald Deibert and Vern Paxson, who are dependent with a universities or a International Computer Science Institute.

The news also indicates China and a Great Cannon were obliged for a conflict on GitHub, a module partnership website that is also used by Chinese dissidents to by-pass censorship.

The conflict tool, pronounced a researchers, gives China capability identical to that of a U.S. National Security Agency’s Quantum program, described in papers leaked by former NSA executive Edward Snowden.

But a news pronounced it is misleading because China is doing this overtly.

“We sojourn undetermined as to because a (Great Cannon) user chose to initial occupy a capabilities in such a publicly manifest fashion,” a news said.

“Conducting such a widespread conflict clearly demonstrates a weaponization of a Chinese Internet to co-opt capricious computers opposite a web and outward of China to grasp China’s process ends.”

It pronounced a technique “is a dangerous precedent” and “contrary to general norms and in defilement of widespread domestic laws prohibiting a unapproved use of computing and networked systems.”