City of Bend highway and trade report: Week of Sept. 26-October 2

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Here’s a city of Bend’s highway news for a week of Sep 26-October 2:

  • SW Bluff Drive between SW Wilson Avenue and SW Bond Street for cesspool categorical installation, full highway closure, 9/26/22 – 9/30/22
  • NW Newport Avenue between NW Juniper Street and NW 15th Street for a healthy gas use installation, singular line closure with flagging, 9/27/22
  • NW McKay Avenue between NW Riverfront Street and NW Riverside Boulevard for a cesspool parallel installation, full highway closure with internal access, 9/26/22
  • 2022 Bend Fall Festival – This special eventuality will tighten mixed streets within a downtown Bend area with detours around a closures (street closures listed below). Special eventuality to take place 9/30/22 – 10/2/22
    • NW Wall Street between NW Franklin Avenue and NW Newport Avenue
    • NW Minnesota Avenue between NW Wall Street and NW Lava Road
    • NW Oregon Avenue between NW Brooks Street and NW Bond Street

Ongoing Closures:

  • Brosterhous Road during a BNSF tyrannise undercrossing will have a northbound line closure to accommodate walking and bike traffic, swapping 2-way trade in a southbound line regulating a proxy trade signal, starts 9/6/22
  • NW Crosby Drive between Skyliners Road and NW Elwood Lane for infrastructure installation, Southbound Lane closure with northbound open to entrance school, 9/6/22 – 10/7/22
  • Deschutes Market Road between Yeoman Road and Monticello Drive for Frontage improvements for Solis during Petrosa, northbound line closure with detour, 8/29/22 – late Oct 2022
  • Wilson Corridor Improvements Project – Street improvements on Wilson from 2nd street to 15th street. For some-more information revisit the Wilson Project website. This is a multiphase plan with several intersections and highway closures around a entirety.
    • SE Wilson Avenue between SE 9th Street and SE 15th street, Eastbound Lane closure with detour, 7/25/22 – Fall 2022.
  • ODOT 3rd Street Improvements – Infrastructure improvements along 3rd street from Butler Market Road to Greenwood Avenue. Various forms of trade control will be implemented during construction. Expected to be finished during a finish of summer 2023. Street sections influenced listed below.
    • single-lane closures in a Northbound and Southbound lanes on 3rd St. Between Greenwood Avenue and NE Olney Avenue
    • Butler Market to Mervin Sampels southbound delayed line closure
    • Intersection of Greenwood Avenue and 3rd Street, line closures in place Sunday – Thursday Night 7pm – 7am. Expect Delays.
  • Sewer Extension Program – The yearly plan includes installing sobriety cesspool mains and cesspool laterals in sequence to concede properties to decommission their septic systems and bond to a open cesspool system. Full highway closures with internal entrance in SE Bend associated to this plan (closures listed below). For some-more information, visit
    • Admiral Way between Reed Market Road and Greenmont Drive, 6/14/22 – Fall 2022
  • Newport Corridor Improvements Project – Various intersections along Newport Avenue to be sealed due to dismissal and deputy of subterraneous utilities. Road closures associated to a plan listed below. For some-more information, visit Newport Corridor Improvements Project webpage. Various closures by Spring 2023.
    • NW Newport Avenue between NW 12th Street and NW 14th Street, 7/5/2022 – Fall 2022
    • NW 13th Street between NW Milwaukee and NW Newport Avenue, full highway closure, 7/5/2022 – Fall 2022
    • North firm exit of a NW 14th Street Roundabout 7/5/2022 – Fall 2022

Work schedules are contingent on continue conditions and other factors. Always practice increasing counsel within construction zones. Drivers should use designated highway routes. Nearby residential streets are for internal trade only.


Deedee Fraley, Assistant City Engineer

Paul Neiswonger, Streets Supervisor

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