PayPal, Domino’s Upcoming Results: Could TipRanks’ Website Traffic Tool Reveal Any Clues?

Wall Street experts investigate several macro, sector, and company-specific factors to build their estimates for a company’s quarterly performance. One such aspect that is increasingly being monitored, generally for companies with online sales channels, is their website traffic.

Amid augmenting digitization and heightened concentration on online channels, trends in website trade assistance us sign a seductiveness in a company’s products and use offerings.

TipRanks’ Website Traffic Tool uses information from SEMrush Holdings (SEMR), a world’s largest website use monitoring service, to yield an guess of website visits over a sold period. We used this apparatus to consider a website trade for PayPal and Domino’s forward of their first-quarter results.     

PayPal Holdings (NASDAQ: PYPL)

Shares of remuneration estimate hulk PayPal have crashed 53.5% year-to-date. They tight 25% on Feb 2 in greeting to churned Q421 formula and diseased guidance.

PayPal foresee a scarcely 29% decrease in Q122 practiced EPS to $0.87 and about a 6% expansion in income on a mark and unfamiliar exchange-neutral basis. Analysts design Q122 practiced EPS to decrease 28% to $0.88 and income to grow 6.2% to $6.41 billion.

The company’s full-year income superintendence indicated expansion of 15%-17%, and practiced EPS between $4.60-$4.75 compared to $4.60 in 2021.

PayPal cited several reasons for a weaker-than-expected outlook, including tough comparisons, a deceleration in e-commerce growth, debility in consumer spending in a lower-income cohorts due to inflationary pressures, supply sequence issues, and a emigration of eBay to a possess managed remuneration system.  

Ahead of a Q1 imitation (scheduled for Apr 27), Morgan Stanley researcher James Faucette stated, “While there’s a possibility PYPL could change their ’22 income expansion opinion to a low-end of a 15-17% range, as some investors expect, we trust that would be mostly associated to slower than approaching expansion in broader ecommerce vs. some-more PYPL-specific factors.”

Faucette reiterated a Buy rating and a cost aim of $190 on PayPal.

Overall, a Street is carefully confident about PayPal, with a Moderate Buy accord rating formed on 29 Buys, 10 Holds, and one Sell. The normal PayPal cost target of $167.86 suggests 91.23% upside intensity from stream levels.   

TipRanks’ Website Traffic apparatus indicates that in Q122, total estimated visits on a PayPal website grew 125.81% on a year-over-year basis. Also, website trade increasing 20.75% in Q122 compared to Q421. This indicates a slack compared to a 23.82% quarterly expansion in website trade seen in Q421.    

Domino’s Pizza (NYSE: DPZ)

Shares of Domino’s have plunged about 33% so distant this year on concerns over a slack in business movement as pestilence tailwinds fade. Last month, a association announced a Q4 FY21 (ended Jan 2, 2022) results, that missed Wall Street’s expectations.

Domino’s Q4 FY21 income declined 1% to $1.34 billion due to inauspicious banking fluctuations and staffing hurdles faced by a company’s U.S. operations, quite in a smoothness business. Adjusted EPS grew about 23% to $4.25, reflecting a advantage of a reduce share count ensuing from a company’s share repurchases.  

Domino’s is approaching to announce a Q1 FY22 formula on Apr 28. While a association didn’t yield any specific guidance, it settled that it expects Q4 FY21 headwinds to continue in a initial quarter. Moreover, increasing commodity costs and aloft acceleration are approaching to impact profitability.

Analysts design Q1 FY22 income to grow 4.6% to $1.03 billion and practiced EPS to arise 2.7% to $3.08.   

Heading into a Q1 earnings, UBS researcher Dennis Geiger lowered his cost aim on Domino’s to $430 from $475 and confirmed a Hold rating. Geiger feels that staffing hurdles and macro pressures competence have persisted in Q1 and impacted Domino’s sales trends.  

That said, Geiger believes that a second half of a year could declare softened movement corroborated by softened staffing and motorist levels joined with aloft pricing.  

Overall, Domino’s scores a Moderate Buy accord rating formed on 9 Buys, 13 Holds, and one Sell. The normal Domino’s cost target of $456.50 implies 20.72% upside intensity from stream levels.

TipRanks’ Website Traffic apparatus indicates that in Q122, total estimated visits on Domino’s website grew 101.22% on a year-over-year basis. Further, website trade increasing 16.07% in Q122 on a quarter-over-quarter basis, imprinting an alleviation from a 7.29% expansion seen in Q421, presumably as a outcome of a Omicron outbreak. Management competence strew some light on this in a arriving discussion call.

Assessing website trade information competence be profitable as online grouping has recently gained inflection in a food industry. Over half of Domino’s tellurian sell sales in FY21 came from digital channels.


While several analysts continue to trust in PayPal’s expansion story, they sojourn discreet due to mixed near-term headwinds, including a slack in spending due to inflationary pressures and a impact of geopolitical tensions. TipRanks’ Website Traffic Tool indicates a slack in Q122 website trade expansion on a consecutive basis.

Persistent labor challenges, a deficiency of impulse packages and stagnation benefits, that increased consumer direct final year, and acceleration are approaching to be a drag on Domino’s Q1 FY22 results. Meanwhile, website trade trends for Q122 demeanour some-more auspicious for Domino’s.   

Learn some-more about a Website Traffic apparatus in this video by Youtube prodigy Tom Nash. 

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