Live trade news for M62, M1, A1, A64, M18 in Yorkshire including, closures, accidents and roadworks

Welcome to a blog for live trade news updates for a M62, M1, A1, A64 and M18 and trade news from opposite Yorkshire.

We’ll keep we sensitive about any delays or accidents on a roads nearby we in a dedicated blog below, with updates from National Highways, police and more.

You will also find information on a latest highway works, highway closures and diversions, as good as a latest on sight services, buses and other open ride networks.

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Our reporters will be gripping a tighten eye on a roads opposite a morning rush hour, via a day, a dusk rush hour and into a evening, with a latest motorways and roads updates from a trade partners INRIX.

Want to news trade delays or an accident? Email, twitter @yorkshirelive or hit us on Facebook here – though usually if it is protected to do so.

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