Coinbase Site Crashes From Traffic as Super Bowl Ads Spark Public Interest

Coinbase’s height and app were temporarily forced offline on Sunday after it debuted a $14 million ad during a Super Bowl.

The ad, that facilities a floating QR formula box bouncing around a shade for 60 seconds, leads to a promotional page on a website charity new users signups $15 in bitcoin. The ultra-minimalist retro-styled ad evoked early mechanism or console games from a 1970s and ’80s.

Shortly after a ad went live to hundreds of millions of homes in a US, Twitter users began stating issues joining to a exchange’s website and app. It is a initial ad Coinbase has spun adult for a sporting event.

The fumble calls into doubt Coinbase’s fortitude during times of vast site traffic. The height close down on several occasions over a final dual years, following haphazard trade and successive dips in bitcoin’s price.

The issue, that lasted only minutes, has given been resolved, and users can now entrance a website along with a promo page that facilities messages including “Less Talk, More Bitcoin” and “WAGMI.”

At press time, Coinbase was experiencing issues with Google Pay and destined business to use choice remuneration methods, according to a status page.

While a liquid of seductiveness quickly forced a platform’s website and app offline, Coinbase’s Chief Product Officer Surojit Chatterjee tweeted Sunday that Coinbase had gifted “more traffic” than it had “ever encountered,” ensuing in engineers carrying to stifle traffic.

“We are now behind and prepared for you,” Chatterjee pronounced in his tweet. “Humbled to have been declare to this.”

Other attention Super Bowl ads

A accumulation of attention participants were also benefaction during a ad breaks during a Super Bowl.

Comedian, writer, executive and actor Larry David was featured in an ad for crypto derivatives sell FTX, comparing a height to famous inventions via history:

As partial of a campaign, FTX betrothed 4 viewers who retweeted the central tweet of a ad will win 7.54 bitcoins — a blurb aired during 7:54 pm ET.

The sell featured a skit with basketball star Lebron James imparting knowledge to his younger self:

Championing “social investing,” eToro’s ad decorated a overflow of drifting sell traders set to a cover of “Fly Me To a Moon” — a classical 1950s ballad by Bart Howard done famous by Frank Sinatra during NASA’s Apollo moon missions.

Canadian sell Bitbuy ran an ad with a possess sports star, Kyle Lowry, while Facebook and TurboTax selling buys also overwhelmed on crypto.

Last year, Super Bowl LV generated $434.5 million of in-game ad revenue, with an normal cost of around $6.5 million per 30-second segment. For each dollar spent for a desired primary time slots, an normal lapse on investment of $4.60 was perceived — some-more than 4 times a initial spend, according to information by provider Kantar.

Macauley Peterson contributed stating for this story.

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