Traffic shutdown during Westbound Highway 46 due to a multi-vehicle collision

UPDATE (9:30 P.M.) : Cal Fire SLO reliable that during slightest 8 patients were harmed and ecstatic to Twin Cities and Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

One chairman was airlifted to a hospital.

The occurrence occurred only before 8 P.M. on Highway 46 and River Grove Drive involving mixed vehicles.

Crews sojourn on stage and westbound Highway 46 will sojourn sealed for a integrate of hours.

The means of a pile-up is underneath investigation.

First reports of a collision involving mixed vehicles during Highway 46 and Whitely Gardens in Paso Robles came in during 7:51 P.M.

According to Cal Fire SLO, crews are on stage responding to a crash, and all trade is stopped during Westbound Highway 46.

California Highway Patrol reported on the trade incidents website that there are during slightest 3 vehicles concerned with mixed injuries ensuing from this collision.

This is a building story.

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