Amazon Prime Video is January’s Biggest Website Traffic Gainer

Website trade formula for Jan are in! Let’s see that websites scored a many visits, and that websites showed a biggest commission of gains or waste in visits to their sites.

Looking at the 10 many visited websites in January, Alphabet (GOOGL) was  once again the website trade leader, holding a top two domains, and Microsoft (MSFT) has combined another domain to a tip 10, with during number 10, replacing Ebay (EBAY), which dropped two places, to series 11. 

When it comes to a list of a 100 most-visited websites, (AMZN)  saw a largest and many poignant growth, with 131% some-more visitors than in Dec 21. (INTU) and (T) also saw poignant growth, during 40% and 37% respectively. The websites with the biggest dump in trade were (KSS) and (M), that mislaid 59% and 50%, respectively.

January Winners

Which websites showed a largest increases in visits to their websites in January? At a start of 2022, seductiveness has been high in a SaaS and Streaming Services industries. Indeed, out of a tip 100 domains, a biggest  “Winners” stemmed mostly from those dual industries, as indicated in a draft below:

January Losers 

In January, seductiveness in E-Commerce and Fashion seems to have dropped, post-holidays. Out of a tip 100 domains, a websites with a steepest waste in visitors are compared with those dual industries. Here are a biggest “Losers”:

Notable Rank Changes

We also checked out that websites saw a biggest change in ranking, in terms of volume of website traffic. The biggest change was from a British online gambling website (GB:GYS), which went adult 107 places. Other important websites that rose in ranking were a following: (MTCH), adult 96 places (DISCA), adult 52 place (MNDY), adult 52 places (RNG), adult 50 places (HUYA), adult 49 places

Join us subsequent month for February’s website trade winners and losers.

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