Constellation Network Announces Pre-order for First Traffic Mining Hardware Product

Before users have a device in hand, they haven one by an NFT squeeze from an disdainful collection set to recover after in a month. When they bond their NFT to a Constellation Mining Platform, they can still start earning crypto rewards right away. Each NFT represents a sheet to sell for a Dôr Traffic Miner when it becomes accessible after in 2022.

The sell analytics startup Dôr, acquired by Constellation in October 2021, grown a battery-operated Traffic Miner hardware and program record to embody exclusive thermal-sensing hardware and appurtenance training algorithms. It anonymously depends feet trade but detecting or recording any privately identifying information while mining and rewarding Constellation’s token ($DAG) and distributing it to a hardware owners. As Michael Brand, co-founder of Dôr and Chief Product Officer during Constellation Network, explains, it’s sparkling to see others advantage from Dôr’s successful deployment of over 3,000-foot trade sensors. “Individuals and third-party operators can squeeze a Traffic Miners, implement them, and share in a mercantile rewards generated by a information they collect.”

To get told when a NFTs turn accessible for squeeze so we can join a Dôr Traffic Miner pre-order list, provide your email here.

Our CEO Ben Jorgensen will yield some-more information during a Hypergraph Hour webcast tomorrow, January 12th during 12pm PST. Find sum about how to join during a Twitter account.

About Constellation Network, Inc.

Constellation Network is a horizon that allows everybody to build and control a business on a blockchain. Existing blockchain record does not support a speed, scalability, and mercantile inducement indispensable to build applications with strong business logic. Constellation is a ecosystem, comprising Hypergraph—a feeless network with a reputation-based accord mechanism, a peer-to-peer Stargazer Wallet, and a decentralized financial height called Lattice Exchange. Constellation’s L_0 state channel token customary is an expansion of intelligent contracts that defines a manners of any business while drumming into Constellation’s Hypergraph, powered by rewards. $DAG is a local cryptocurrency that runs on a Constellation Network.


SOURCE Constellation Network Inc.

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