News websites Nov traffic: Top 20 moves – New Daily out, CNN in

The latest information from a tellurian web dimensions use Similarweb reveals small change in a ranking of news websites trade from Australia.

It’s critical to note a stats from Similarweb is tender trade information display a non-unique series of news website visitors.

The tip 10 online news providers list stays unvaried from a Oct rankings. and take a tip dual places and sojourn a prolonged approach forward of a rest of a market. The sum visits were down significantly month-on-month for both publishers. The ABC digital trade plunged over 20m while a visits for a News Corp Australia digital news finish were down over 12m.


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The ABC has recently announced an additional 50-plus publisher roles in informal locations as a outcome of new deals struck with Facebook and Google.

An agreement was sealed with Facebook recently and follows an agreement reached with Google final month. Revenue from both will go towards augmenting ABC’s investment in informal and farming broadcasting opposite Australia.

Of a remaining news website publishers in a tip 10, was a usually one to see expansion in sum Australian visits.

In a sum tip 20 there was only one new entrance for a month of November. The Melbourne-based New Daily has forsaken out of a tip 20 and been transposed by

Five of a tip 10 are Australian publishers with estimable newsroom operations in Australia. The other 5 have Australian operations with estimable internal calm origination during most.

Six of a entries between 11 and 20 are also Australian-based publishers. Of a other 4 general brands, dual are groups of Yahoo, one is Google News and a other is CNN.

In publishing news recently, has teamed adult with a fable of cricket and one of Australia’s many worshiped quick bowlers, Brett Lee, for a weekly podcast that will run over a summer. has an endless podcast portfolio constructed by NewsCast opposite news, sport, and lifestyle. Recent podcast successes include I’ve Got News For You, Kinda Sorta Dating, we Swear we Never, From The Newsroom and a news channel on a Alexa intelligent speaker.


news websites

Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor

Guardian editor interjection Australian contributors

As we reported yesterday, during a finish of Nov 2021, a Guardian reported a tellurian sum of 1,000,035 digital subscriptions, comprising 419,541 digital subscriptions and 580,494 repeated contributions from supporters in 180 countries around a world.

Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor told Mediaweek today: “We’d like to appreciate a Guardian Australia supporters for contributing to a broadcasting this year, that goes directly to gripping us open and accessible to all, but a paywall.

“In 2021, this support postulated critical stating on Canberra’s #MeToo moment, deaths among gig-economy smoothness drivers, supervision efforts to keep a Great Barrier Reef off a UN’s ‘in danger’ list, a overrepresentation of Indigenous girl in custody, and more.

This tellurian miracle reinforces a need for eccentric broadcasting with no shareholders or billionaire owner, where we can work to yield broadcasting that’s giveaway from domestic and blurb influence. In a stream age of misinformation, this has never mattered more.”

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