Web trade to crypto exchanges in Nov reached second-highest turn for 2021

Crypto sell websites saw internet trade of 546.6 million visits in November, according to The Block Research.

The Nov website trade figure is a second-highest in 2021 behind the 638.2 million visits available in May. Dec 2017 — a tallness of a crypto longhorn run from that year — is expected a monthly duration with a largest cryptocurrency sell website traffic.

Crypto sell web traffic

Despite regulatory hurdles opposite a globe, Binance still accounted for some-more than a third of sum crypto sell website traffic. Coinbase contributed roughly a fifth of a sum figure to place with KuCoin and Bybit in third and fourth, respectively.

According to The Block Research’s Lars Hoffmann on Twitter, sell customer inflows from traders in a United States contributed to KuCoin and Bybit’s high chain in a rankings.

Share of web trade crypto exchanges

By reaching 546.6 million, November’s web trade figure constituted a 15.5% month-over-month increase. Since experiencing consecutive volume declines in Jun and July, crypto sell web trade has been on a uptick.

This boost in web trade has been in tandem with a crypto marketplace liberation that occurred in Q3 following a May marketplace drop that saw cryptocurrency prices tumble by over 50%. Trading volume has also increasing steadily during a same period.

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