Anti-Ad Fraud Platform ADEX Announces Real-Time Traffic Analysis is Available to All Clients

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ADEX, a heading anti-fraud resolution provider directed during safeguarding advertisers’ websites from bots, announces that real-time trade research is now accessible to all categories of business additionally to a far-reaching spectrum of modernized anti-fraud tools.

Tracking trade virginity in real-time is crucial, given this is a usually approach to equivocate critical consequences of rapist schemes. ADEX checks a trade flows in a genuine time to see if they are legitimate adequate before promotion campaigns get busted by bots.

Adex Anti-fraud solution

Adex Anti-fraud solution

The height offers 5 fit instruments able of trade with many existent forms of rascal as good as a latest and high-technology threats.

  • Postbacks

Postbacks concede advertisers to heed feign users and stay wakeful of their trade peculiarity in real-time by promulgation evident alerts whenever questionable activity occurs. Dubious sources competence be blocked before they mistreat a campaign.

  • API

API gathers and evaluates debate information automatically. This bone-fide apparatus can emanate tokens, collect information, investigate it, and assistance advertisers optimize their campaigns per perceived details.  

  • Traffic Redirect

Traffic Redirect is a highly-developed anti-bot resolution that allows advertisers to send damaging trade divided from their pages and approach it to a vacant one. It also analyzes trade flows in real-time and keeps bots divided from advertisers’ websites.

  • Claim Reports

Claim Reports underline was designed to emanate tradition reinstate reports, containing a many minute information about a approach trade sources performed. Such reports embody accurate statistics and pure explanation to boost advertisers’ chances of receiving a refund.

  • JS Tag

JS Tag functions on a turn of website HTML as an additional confidence layer. This underline was designed as a extra one.

Hundreds of advertisers have already concurred a potency of ADEX instruments – timely rascal impediment saved about $1BN+ of their marketing budget.

“Prevention is a improved plan than perplexing to discharge rascal consequences inauspicious for business. The container of ADEX collection covers opposite sides of a issue, permitting we to investigate trade in genuine time, detect bots, discharge them, and harmonise tradition reinstate reports.

ADEX checks each questionable user individually, relying on countless parameters, like browser type, location, behavioral patterns, VPN usage, etc. This is adequate to keep your bill secure. What is more, a record progresses all a time and saves millions of dollars for a business each month…,” – says Andrey Ivanov, CEO of ADEX.

About ADEX

ADEX is an anti-fraud resolution directed during evident trade research and obligatory protecting actions. The functionality of a height includes collection for detection, redirection, evaluation, reporting, and low research of each website visitor.

As a pure and protected website, ADEX upheld Google Simple Verification successfully. Now a organisation is on Google Vendors List, that proves trustworthiness and flawless user experience.

In addition, ADEX is a member of a IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Family, a European-level organisation for a digital selling and promotion community, and a IAB TCF (Transparency Consent Framework) acceptance winner.

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