Direct Mail Retargeting Helps E-Retailers Make Most of Holiday Traffic

MODERN POSTCARD – The stream trends prove that this will be a busiest E-commerce holiday deteriorate in history. eMarketer reveals in their new investigate that US consumers will spend $933.30 billion on E-commerce in 2021, adult 17.9% YoY (source: And with some-more brands entrance online any day, a marketplace has never been some-more competitive. Direct-to-consumer E-commerce retailers are regulating new technologies to maximize existent trade and contest with other brands, Amazon, and Walmart.

Statista indicates that Amazon will have 50% of a E-commerce sales in 2021 (source: Statista), definition a 1.8 million E-commerce brands are competing for a rest of a share (source: balancingeverything). Those brands are looking for any apparatus they can find to make a many of this arriving consumer spending debauch to grow income and their patron base.

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To that end, E-commerce brands continue to onslaught with converting their existent website trade – 97% of visitors leave but shopping on their initial revisit to a website. Beyond on-site optimization improvements, a surest proceed to get some-more purchases from website trade is retargeting.

Digital retargeting has proven to be one of a many effective digital promotion strategy available, with 0.7% CTR for display, and 0.9% CTR for Facebook. That means when brands digitally retarget 1,000 website visitors, usually 7 to 10 of them click behind to a website. So over 990 of those intensity business don’t lapse to buy.

However, a crafty and cost-effective retargeting resolution is proof to be unusually effective in removing those business back: Direct Mail Retargeting.

Modern iO Direct Mail Retargeting is simple: they use a law routine utilizing first-party cookies to compare about 50% of website visitors to mailable addresses in a remoteness agreeable way. Unlike IP address-matching, that has some-more errors and reduction accuracy, this proceed has been proven to be a aloft process to bond a name and residence to an unknown website visitor.

The height automatically launches postcards any day, mailed during First-Class postage for fastest delivery, reaching targeted visitors only days after they leave a website. Each client’s dashboard shows daily website trade and a series of matched addresses, indicating a intensity mail volume.

After a module begins, a dashboard also shows a daily series of mailed cards, a map of where cards are being delivered, and acclimatisation metrics.

By introducing this channel to their selling mix, E-commerce companies now have a mint and some-more effective proceed to modify mislaid website visitors. “Most of a E-commerce clients are saying unequivocally high response and acclimatisation rates,” says Chris Foster, VP New Business Development during Modern iO.

“And it creates sense: reaching mislaid website visitors with a applicable Direct Mail postcard drives aloft responses. The earthy inlet of a postcard, and a timing and relevance, all mix to make this channel effective. Print has an impact on a mind that’s only stronger than digital.”

In fact, studies have proven that remember was 70% aloft among participants who were unprotected to a approach mail square (75%) than a digital ad (44%).

“When we demeanour opposite a E-commerce patron base, we’re saying acclimatisation rates trimming from 1.2% to 4%, and cost-per-conversion numbers from $54 down to about $15. Of course, response rates count on a brand, product, and offer,” says Foster.

The Modern iO E-commerce programs with sequence values over $70 have seen successful Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), with some clients saying ROAS even aloft than 10x. As a CEO of Blue Canoe, a women’s attire E-commerce code regulating Modern iO for over 2 years says, “There’s a gut-level greeting to saying how many people entrance to your site we can mail to. And this channel unequivocally works for removing new business during a superb Return on Ad Spend.”

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The Modern iO Direct Mail Retargeting programs are ideal for small, mid-sized, and jammed E-commerce brands. It’s a stretchable height that can adjust mailing volume as a brands’ needs change. Unlike other vendors, with Modern iO there are no multi-month commitments, and no daily or monthly minimums. This is ideal for a changing trade volume that happens in a arriving holiday season.

“Because we have no minimums and no monthly contracts,” says Foster, “we’re creation it as easy as probable for any E-commerce business to have some-more control over their Direct Mail Retargeting program. And we’ve seen a possess customer bottom double in a past year. We are only focused on assisting direct-to-consumer brands urge a retargeting acclimatisation of a website trade they’re removing now…even if they have reduction than 5,000 visitors per month.”

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