Oak Hill Parkway trade alerts, closures & detours for week of Sep 27 – Corridor News

  • July 1, 2021: Groundbreaking ceremony
  • Late 2021: Begin vital activity on US 290 commencement during a distant west and distant easterly segments of a project
  • Mid-2022: Begin vital activity on SH 71
  • Late 2022: Begin vital activity during a US 290/SH 71 “Y” rotate segment
  • 2026: Open to traffic

Activity will start via a whole mezzanine simultaneously. The construction method that TxDOT will use for a Oak Hill Parkway devise will be an “outside-in” approach. This prioritizes a construction of a new front roads (on a outside) before to a reformation of a mainlanes.

The accurate timing of trade shifts and line closures will be grown as a pattern of a devise progresses. When information becomes available, TxDOT will discharge this information to businesses, residents, and drivers by mixed communication channels (e.g., e-blasts, tweets, website updates, and media alerts).

Construction schedules are liquid and dictated to adjust to time, circumstances, and continue delays. The idea of a construction devise will be to keep as many lanes open as probable while a devise is being built.

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