Paybright Canada iPhone 13 Orders Stall Under Heavy Traffic [Update]

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Sleepy Apple business were astounded this morning to see 0% APR financing over 24 months for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, generally after tenure lengths were altered to 6 months progressing this week.

But Canadians looking to squeeze iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro with Affirm’s Paybright financing have struggled to finish their orders this morning.

Due to complicated trade from Apple customers, Paybright servers went offline and orders were stalled. Some saw ‘502 bad gateway’ errors, though now Paybright’s website has an blunder summary that reads, “There is a bit of a trade jam. Please go behind and try again.”

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For some that used a Paybright financing option, when they go check sequence standing on, they get a summary that reads, “unfortunately, an blunder occurred. Please try again later.”

Understandably, people were flattering undone with a website downtime for their changed iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro order.

Apple launched financing with Paybright for iPhone, Mac and iPad final month.

Were we means to finish your Paybright financing choice for an iPhone 13 purchase? We’ve reached out to Paybright for an refurbish and will refurbish this story accordingly.

According to Christopher Carruthers (@TaoOfSatoshi), Apple support pronounced over discuss a timeout for preorders placed has reportedly been extended to 9 hours. This means existent orders are still being hold as Paybright issues start to resolve.

Update Sept. 17, 9:08am PDT: it appears Paybright is starting to repair some of these orders. What has worked for some is to revisit a queued URL from your story and try it again:

Update Sept. 17, 1:34pm PDT: If you’re still traffic with iPhone Paybright issues, check your email. The association has sent out emails explaining “due to an emanate this morning, we might have been incompetent to finish your focus and might have mixed orders with Apple.”

The email afterwards informs users to click a couple to finish applications, as remarkable by @brandanspyker in a Twitter thread with other iPhone in Canada readers:

Let us know a standing of your Paybright financing and iPhone 13 in a comments.

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