Raikkonen blames trade light blunder for Mazepin array line crash

Haas’ Nikita Mazepin was left seething after being crashed into by Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen in a array line during a Hungarian Grand Prix. But according to Raikkonen, an emanate with Alfa Romeo’s trade light redeem complement was a ultimate means of a crash.

Raikkonen and Mazepin, along with 12 other drivers, were pitting forward of a Lap 4, post-red dwindle competition restart during a Hungaroring, when Raikkonen pulled out of his array box true into a trail of Mazepin’s Haas VF-21, causing lost repairs to a Russian’s suspension.

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Raikkonen was means to continue, however – though notwithstanding exiting a pits in a earnest P8, a 10-seocnd time chastisement for a vulnerable redeem left a Finn to redeem to 11th during a dwindle (which became 10th after Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification). And vocalization after a race, Raikkonen blamed Alfa Romeo’s array redeem complement for a pile-up with Mazepin.

“The start of a competition was a bit what we would design in these conditions, with a chaotic initial path and lots of things happening,” pronounced Raikkonen.

“We looked utterly fine until a penalty, that flattering most compromised a race; there was an emanate with a trade light redeem complement and we finished adult colliding with Mazepin. Up until a penalty, we were low in a points, though creation it behind from a bottom was only too much.”

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