The Development of WeTrade Group with The Advantage of Private Traffic

BEIJING, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In July 2021, with a rarely famous technical strength and high-quality use capability, WeTrade Group (US: WETG) has been comparison into Tencent Cloud ‘Thousand Sails Plan’, apropos Tencent’s central partner and providing services for Tencent Cloud.

In new years, a Internet courtesy has achieved extensive expansion and a COVID-19 pestilence has altered sales channels and selling sourroundings dramatically. More brands have famous a significance of private traffic. They have also satisfied that a trade operation mode, representing by WeChat businesses, has turn an indispensable partial for each merchant. Following a arise of a private trade trend, a series of SaaS use providers have been innate in China, and WeTrade Group Inc. is one of those companies.

Founded in 2019, WeTrade Group is an rising expansion association intent in a business of providing a cloud intelligent complement for micro-businesses. The association exclusively grown a cloud intelligent complement YCloud and provides 6 use businesses, including user selling attribute tracking, village selling AI physics and management, supply sequence system, remuneration scenarios, CPS elect income management, live streaming + brief video system.

Similar business indication with Youzan and Weimob, WeTrade Group helps enterprises open online stores and grasp digital transformation. Meanwhile, WeTrade Group has a features, a association is some-more focused on handling clients for commissions, providing a extensive record use with firmly fastening a selling relationship. Since a establishment, a patron bottom of WeTrade Group has been flourishing rapidly. At present, a YCloud complement has been practical in several industries, containing micro-business, tourism, hospitality, live streaming brief video, beauty and normal retail.

Founder of WeTrade Group Zheng DAI mentioned that, in a epoch of a digital economy, generally after a exam of a pandemic, some-more and some-more enterprises and people have started to compensate courtesy to private trade operation. Multi-channel blueprint and SaaS of private trade have turn a courtesy consensus. Up to now, a YCloud complement has been practical in Zhongyan shangyue, Beijing Youth Hostel, China Kanghui, Zhiding,Lvyue and Yuetao. With a flourishing user bottom of WeTrade Group and a support of Tencent’s Thousand Sails Plan, a association will serve urge a record and use support in a future, and yield some-more high-value innovative record and high-quality services for a expansion of micro, tiny and medium-sized enterprises.

About WeTrade Group Inc.

WeTrade Group INC is a world’s initial technical use provider of Cloud Intelligent System for micro-businesses. It is a initial internationalized complement in a tellurian micro-business cloud comprehension margin and also a leader, dignitary and upholder of a world’s cloud intelligent complement for micro-businesses. WeTrade Group exclusively grown a cloud intelligent complement for micro-businesses (Abbreviation: YCloud). YCloud can strengthen users’ selling attribute and CPS elect distinction government by heading record and large information analysis. It also can assistance boost a remuneration scenarios, income and organisation personality government to boost customers’ income by multi-channel information statistics, AI physics and government as good as softened supply sequence system. Up to now, YCloud’s business has successfully landed in mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries, covering a micro business industry, tourism industry, liberality industry, livestreaming and brief video industry, cultured medical courtesy and normal sell industry. For some-more information, greatfully revisit the website:

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