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By Tommy Acosta

Sedona, AZ — Let’s face it. Pull no punches. Trying to retrofit Sedona to palliate a trade maze is like perplexing to stop a mortally draining elephant from draining out, with a band-aid.

You can build a walking overpass in Tlaquepaque, pave Schnebly Road, open adult Red Rock Crossing, use trolleys to ride visitors to hiking trails, defund a Chamber of Commerce, try all a cosmetic fixes one can suppose though in a final analysis, there is positively zero a city can do to stop a liquid of visitors invading Sedona.

Short of building a “border wall” and branch behind all a trade entrance into Sedona, perplexing to branch a waves is an use in futility.

The cat is out of a bag. The whole star now knows that Sedona is a protected and pleasing end to revisit and they will come in droves to shun a lockdowns and restrictions from whatever states they emanate.

The overload we are experiencing now is usually a commencement of a tourist-filled summer and we competence as good bend adult and get used to it, since there is no shun from this actuality.

The initial step to recovery, definition tuning a minds to a existence of a assault and usually training to understanding with it, is to comprehend that usually since we live here, we locals do not possess Sedona.

That’s right. We don’t possess Sedona. So, get over it.

There is small doubt Sedona is a recovering collateral of a star and maybe even a universe. The beauty of Sedona and a recovering appetite go to a universe earth, not us. We are usually a stewards and that’s that.

We need to know a existence of a situation. We have no right to stop a star from entrance here. So, a best gamble is to simply accept it and find a approach to lessen a damage.

The City needs to emanate a live in-real-time Website, stating on stream trade conditions in a city so we could devise what are a best times to go out and do a errands, revisit a doctors, go to a favorite restaurants or spend time in nature.

Right now, we can get that info from by simply entering a location, a destination, and Google Maps will tell us how bad a trade is in Sedona.

Click on Get Directions. Hit a “Details” button. The track will be highlighted on your map and it will give we a volume of time it will take, with a color-coded live trade refurbish as well.

Check out this screenshot of a Google map next to see how elementary it is.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 during 7.57.11 AM

You can get a same info from ADOT by going to Set your starting indicate and end point, strike a small automobile idol symbol and we get a estimated time and a present-tense news on trade conditions.

Here next is a shade shot of a ADOT resource. Note how elementary it is.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 during 11.30.01 AM

The city can make it easier for everybody by formulating a live map ap of their possess with easier instructions for those of us who competence find a Google and ADOT maps formidable to handle.

At slightest we have a choice right now.

If we have no choice and contingency spend time in traffic, one competence wish to whet adult their Zen skills and use a art of patience. Breathe. Enjoy a red stone views and be beholden for a beauty we live in. Count a cars with out-of-state permit plates, make eye hit with other drivers and smile

There is so most to see we don’t notice when zooming from one place to another. Take a watchful time in stride. Check out all those smashing shpos along 89A we never saw before.

Be like a good alloy and have a lot of “patience.” 

Our tourists are a lifeblood that keeps a city going. Accept them. Be beholden for them and we will be that most some-more improved off and reduction stressed.



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