Traffic approaching to boost on Crowfoot Valley Road

Crowfoot Valley Road is a singular dilate of asphalt. The 5.5-mile alley serves as a tie indicate between Castle Rock and Parker, falls underneath a office of 3 municipalities, and, with a lot of surrounding open space, is primed for expansion and growth.

Because expansion appears to be unavoidable along a roadway, Douglas County and a towns of Parker and Castle Rock have started long-term formulation to dilate a highway from dual to 4 lanes and urge intersections with possibly roundabouts or new trade lights to accommodate a approaching trade increases.

Castle Rock Public Works Director Dan Sailer pronounced a city customarily reviews roadways and prepares five- and 10-year skeleton to residence travel needs as a city continues to grow.

Sailer pronounced a city forecasts stream and destiny trade depends regulating a Denver Regional Council of Governments model. Assuming a underdeveloped land is entirely built out by a year 2040, Sailer pronounced a city expects trade depends to boost to 37,000 vehicles per day between Castle Rock and Parker.

According to information supposing by a Town of Castle Rock, a stream trade count along Crowfoot Valley Road is estimated during 14,000 vehicles per day.

Douglas County Assistant Director of Public Works/Engineering Matt Williams pronounced about 3.5 miles of a highway falls underneath a county’s jurisdiction. The remaining dual miles are separate between a Town of Parker on a north and a Town of Castle Rock to a south.

“This dilate of Crowfoot Valley Road is open land and has accessible options for intensity growth,” he said. “We will continue to watch expansion and suggest to (Douglas County commissioners) what we see as priorities in a years to come.”

Besides underdeveloped annexed and unincorporated property, a Diamond Ridge, Sapphire Pointe and Timbre Canyon developments are already built in Castle Rock city limits.

In Douglas County, Matt Williams pronounced a Canyons South housing expansion has been zoned for 900 homes.

Multiple developments are underneath construction in Parker city limits. Meritage Homes is building scarcely 50 homes opposite 90 acres. Hess Ranch, that includes a Trails during Crowfoot development, is formulation between 3,000 and 4,000 homes.

Parker Director of Public Works/Engineering Tom Williams pronounced this is an area of city now confronting a many development. However, he remarkable that Hess Ranch was zoned and prepared for expansion decades ago. The check in expansion has kept trade depends reduce than had been approaching by now, he said.

Matt Williams pronounced a estimated 35 miles of unincorporated, underdeveloped land nearby Crowfoot Valley Road was deliberate when a county combined a 2040 Douglas County Transportation Master Plan.

The travel devise calls for a nine-year, five-phase devise for Crowfoot Valley Road, starting this year with a initial proviso that includes widening a highway from dual to 4 lanes between Founders Parkway and Canyonside Boulevard.

Matt Williams pronounced underneath a stream plans, all 5 phases are projected to continue by a year 2030, with a initial dual phases estimated to cost around $16 million.

This year, Sailer pronounced Castle Rock is looking privately during a 4 Crowfoot Valley Road intersections within a city limits, located during Sapphire Boulevard, Diamond Ridge Parkway, Timber Canyon Drive and Knobcone Drive.

The city recently wrapped adult a public-comment event where residents weighed in on carrying a trade light or devious during a name intersections.

“I would contend feedback has been sincerely churned among a opposite neighborhoods along a roadway,” Sailer said.

As village feedback is reviewed, Sailer pronounced officials will demeanour during adding a devious to a intersection during Sapphire Boulevard by a year 2023, adding that a pattern work and bill formulation is underway this year. Sailer estimated a devious will cost about $2.2 million.

Widening a Castle Rock apportionment of a highway from dual lanes to 4 lanes will approaching spin existence in 2024, Sailer said. That widening work is estimated to cost about $5 million, Sailer noted.

Tom Williams pronounced he is not as endangered about a increasing trade on Crowfoot Valley Road in Parker since Hess Ranch developers have concluded to implement some-more spin lanes and supplement some-more roadways to assuage some of a approaching congestion.

“We do a projections for trade for 10 and 20 years out,” he said. “It is always unchanging that once expansion starts, a trade will increase. We tend to go and devise where a expansion occurs. We envision when a trade is entrance and try to devise and bill accordingly to keep adult with it.”

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