Traffic to Binance surges to record highs, site goes down for maintenance

Leading crypto item sell Binance was forced to postpone a mark and domain trade services only a few mins after a CEO took to Twitter to exaggerate a height had uniformly rubbed new record highs for website traffic.

Binance arch executive Changpeng Zhao, or CZ, tweeted a sell had gifted a new all-time high for trade on Feb.10, saying a height had “handled a load” of a 60% boost in trade on tip of a prior day’s record traffic. 

CZ also remarkable that new user sign-ups had tagged record highs: “New comment registrations are still open, not certain for how long.”

CZ’s now-deleted Feb. 11 tweet

The twitter has given been deleted, with Binance publishing a “notice of proxy complement maintenance” roughly 30 mins later. The sell returned to normal operations roughly one hour after a notice was issued.

Only futures trade was means to continue handling as usual, with a sell announcing it had “suspended deposits, withdrawals, mark and domain trading, P2P trading, OTC Portal trading, assets redemption, as good as item transfers from sub-accounts, domain accounts, futures accounts, and fiat wallets.”

CZ released a follow-up twitter wailing his strange post after Binance’s upkeep notice had been published:

According to website analytics group SimilarWeb, Binance was a 381st most-popular website worldwide during January, ranking third among websites featured in SimilarWeb’s “Finance Investing” category.

Traffic from Turkey doubled during Jan to paint a single-largest geographical source of trade for Binance, with Turkish users representing 6.89% of Binance’s 136 million monthly visitors. Russia ranked a second-largest source of trade with 6.53%, followed by a U.S. with 5.11%, a U.K. with 4.70%, and France with 3.50%.

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