COSTCO Sued For Monitoring Website Visitors In Florida

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Proposed Class Action Suit Claims COSTCO Violated Florida Communications Security Act

BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher 
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BOCA RATON, FL ( — A lawsuit only filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court alleges that Costco monitored trade to a website, never giving visitors a choice to “opt out” of notice by a mega-retailer.

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The plaintiff, identified as a “Jason Goldstein” of Palm Beach County, creates a following claims:

“Defendant owns and operates a website Over a past year, Plaintiff visited Defendant’s website approximately 5 times. Plaintiff many recently visited Defendant’s website on or about September, 2020. Plaintiff was in Florida during any revisit to Defendant’s website.”

Here is a pivotal claim: “Upon information and belief, during one or some-more of these visits, Defendant employed tracking, recording and/ or “session replay” program to contemporaneously prevent Plaintiff’s use and communication with a website, including rodent clips and movements, information inputted by Plaintiff, and/or pages and calm noticed by Plaintiff. Defendant also available Plaintiff’s plcae during a visits, as good as time and dates of any visit.”

Adds a suit: “Plaintiff never consented to prevent of his electronic communications by Defendant or anyone else … Plaintiff and a putative Class members did not have a reasonable event to learn Defendant’s wrong interceptions since Defendant did not divulge or find their agree to prevent a communications.”

The lawsuit claims that Costco disregarded a Florida Security Communications Act which, in ubiquitous terms, creates it a crime to prevent someone’s electronic communications. Whether that can be practical to a open website caller where someone is visiting a sell site with a expected goal of shopping something will be an emanate for a court. Companies customarily guard web trade for confidence and analytics data. The fit does not state how specific Costco’s analytics are. There is a disproportion between meaningful that someone visited from Palm Beach County and meaningful that “Jason Goldstein” used a specific mechanism during a specific address.

“It is a defilement of a FSCA to intercept, try to intercept, or gain any other chairman to prevent or try to prevent any electronic communication,” states a suit. “Plaintiff and a Class members had an expectancy of remoteness during their visits to a (Costco) website, that Defendant disregarded by intercepting their electronic communications with a website.”

Read a finish suit, below. If we are reading in a news app and a PDF does not appear, just click here.


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