At 60 Million Visits, Allrecipes Sets Record-High Traffic As Site Helps People Create Thanksgiving Meals In An Unprecedented Year

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Meredith Corporation‘s (NYSE: MDP) Allrecipes reports that a website gifted 59.6 million visits during Thanksgiving week (Friday—Thursday, Nov 20—26), adult 18.4% year over year, as people opposite a nation sought recommendation for creation their holiday dishes in a opposite time. The site helped some-more cooks this Thanksgiving than ever before, with a largest-ever series of visits on both Thanksgiving eve (12.8 million, adult 14.9% YOY) and Thanksgiving Day (14.3 million, adult 26.7% YOY).

“Even with a hurdles caused by a pandemic, people were energetic to applaud this Thanksgiving holiday. They might have altered their skeleton and altered their traditions, though they done a many of it nonetheless,” said Catherine Levene, President, Meredith Digital. “Although people attempted new things and done adjustments to their meals, they also sought comforting dishes that were suggestive of years’ past. Thanksgiving served as a impulse to spend some-more time in a kitchen, with many starting their holiday baking in a immeasurable way. We’re beholden to a Allrecipes village for stability to share recipes, ideas, and fun as we all demeanour for impulse and superintendence this season.”

As people prepared dishes for smaller groups, views of recipes for turkey breast were adult 96% YOY. In further to turkey, households prepared whole chickens (recipe views adult 150% YOY), primary rib (recipe views adult 67% YOY) and salmon (recipe views adult 61% YOY). Many new cooks opted to keep it simple, with views of recipes that enclosed a word “basic” in their pretension adult 41% YOY and “beginner” in their pretension jumping 83% YOY. As people missed celebrating with family, cooks sought a recommendation and cooking approaches of prior generations. Views of recipes that embody “Grandma” in their pretension grew by 27% YOY, with tip choices including Grandma’s Corn Bread Stuffing, Apple Pie by Grandma Ople and Grandma’s Corn Pudding.

Allrecipes’ Most Popular Thanksgiving 2020 Dishes

(most noticed on Thanksgiving Eve/Day)

  1. Best Green Bean Casserole
  2. Perfect Pumpkin Pie
  3. Candied Yams
  4. Yummy Sweet Potato Casserole
  5. Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
  6. Grandma’s Corn Bread Dressing
  7. Sweet Potato Pie I 
  8. Basic Mashed Potatoes
  9. Turkey Brine
  10. Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

Similar to final year, pies remained a tip dessert choice (recipe views adult 22% YOY). The many renouned cake choice was pumpkin cake (recipe views adult 50% YOY). Views of honeyed potato cake recipes jumped 106% YOY and views of peanut butter cake recipes were adult 16% YOY. 

Cocktails were in clever direct (recipe views adult 33% YOY) with tip choices including Thanksgiving-themed cocktails, Moscow Mules, espresso martinis, and apple cider cocktails. A pointer that some-more gatherings occurred outdoors, views of recipes for mulled booze were adult 10% YOY, prohibited peaked drinks such as cider were adult 6% YOY and Baileys prohibited chocolate was adult 60% YOY.

A immeasurable series of cooks used a Thanksgiving mangle to kick-start their Christmas baking, as views of calm with “Christmas” in a pretension surged 101% YOY, with clever fad for cookies.


Allrecipes, a world’s largest community-driven food brand, provides devoted resources to some-more than 60 million home cooks, publishes recipes from home cooks around a universe who bond and enthuse one another by photos, reviews and videos. Since a launch in 1997, Allrecipes has turn a dynamic, indispensable apparatus for cooks of all ability levels seeking devoted recipes, cooking trends, interesting ideas, each day and holiday dish solutions, grocery assets information and unsentimental cooking tips. The code helps cooks shop, bill and make healthy, tolerable choices in a kitchen. In further to a site, Allrecipes produces calm opposite countless platforms, including voice skills, intelligent appliances, apps and podcasts. Allrecipes Magazine, a repository industry’s initial large-scale digital-to-print code extension, reaches an assembly of 9.8 million. Published 6 times a year, a repository has grown fast to a 1.4 million rate bottom from 500,000 during a pregnancy 6 years ago.

Meredith Data Studio is Meredith Corporation’s in-house investigate and insights division, leveraging a company’s large scale and unparalleled access to women to uncover timely information and projections about their habits, preferences and motivations. Using its vast, exclusive first-party data, Meredith Data Studio offers its promotion partners full-service data solutions featuring predictive analytics, paid consulting and self-service tools, that broach precisely targeted assembly and contextual promotion to assistance surprise marketing, product and business strategies.

SOURCE Meredith Corporation

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