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The County of Riverside denounced a RivCo NOW debate to consolidate a county’s transformation and enrichment toward a future. 

The county says a campaign’s trademark and aphorism “Community Now. Services Now. RivCo NOW.” describes a clever clarity of village that creates adult Riverside County, and a innovative county services that support village wellbeing. 

“Most mostly a initial doorway a residents travel by for county services is a digital front doorway of a website,” pronounced Board Chair V. Manuel Perez, Fourth District Supervisor. “The new county code and website will boost entrance and rendezvous to internal government. In particular, we am really gratified there is now a Spanish chronicle of a website.”

Residents, visitors and business operators might learn some-more about county programs and services during a county’s website during The new site offers softened palliate of use so that people fast get a information they need. In 2021, other county departments will exhibit new websites to compare a demeanour and feel of a county’s new site.

The county’s open entrance channels are now accessible online during live streamed, as good as on-demand playback.

“A categorical partial of revelation a story is by video interviews with a residents and employees,” pronounced Board Vice Chair Karen Spiegel, Second District Supervisor. “Moving RivCo TV online ensures that anyone can see underline stories from county departments and agencies contributing to a village – in further to a house meetings.”

RivCo TV also front on ATT (channel 99) and Frontier (channel 36).

This information is from Riverside County officials

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