What’s a reason for yellow frames on trade lights? Roadshow

Q: we have beheld new yellow contemplative strips around trade lights. we consider it is a good idea, creation them some-more visible. But afterwards we beheld it on a lapse outing to my home state, Michigan. Is this a new requirement? … we have seen this in other states. Why are we removing it now, and what is a purpose? … Presumably, a thought is to make signals some-more noticeable. Is that unequivocally necessary?

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A: Oh, yes, generally in California, where energy outages during glow deteriorate are apropos some-more common.

The yellow frames are called contemplative backplates and are designed to make them mount out so that motorists see a signals.

A vital reason for a change is to make a trade vigilance some-more manifest when a application association shuts off energy to revoke a risk of a wildfire. (Many of Caltrans’ trade signals have battery backups, yet an extended trance could empty a batteries.) Priority for installing a contemplative backplates will be given to signals in areas where wildfires are some-more expected to mangle out, that is probably a whole state.

In a blackout, Caltrans wants drivers to see trade signals even if they are not functioning since drivers contingency provide non-working signals as stop signs.

Reflective backplates competence also be indispensable in areas where there is visible clutter, peculiar spacing between signals, or a dim background.

Q: we usually perceived a renovation notice for my driver’s license. Since we am over 70, a notice says that we need to come into a DMV to replenish and that we should go to their website to make an appointment. The website says that we can’t make an appointment yet that everybody whose birthday is before a finish of a year gets an involuntary one-year extension. My problem is that we have a Jan birthday. It appears that we contingency make an appointment, yet they aren’t holding appointments. we can’t be a usually motorist with this problem.

Chris Kirkpatrick, Los Altos

A: You’re not alone. The DMV says that drivers 70 or comparison with Jan birthdays should check behind in Dec to see if it is protected to come in or if their licenses will be extended.

The DMV is also fluctuating failing blurb driver’s licenses by December, as good as learner’s permits. While a prolongation is automatic, authorised blurb drivers will not accept a new label or an prolongation in a mail. Police know about a change.

As an option, commencement Monday we can ask a giveaway proxy paper prolongation online to request an involuntary extension, yet a paper one is not indispensable to drive.

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