Traffic Inbox: Residents Worried Gray Road Will Wash Away

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A Brevard County male is disturbed his highway is one charge divided from being destroyed.

“Every time we get a charge this happens,” says Tommy Cobb of Cocoa.

Tommy, a troops veteran, says summer storms aren’t assisting Gray Road and circuitously Hooper Road in Cocoa.

“The H2O races to a lowest point,” he said, “which causes a silt to rinse out.”

Tommy is endangered if there’s adequate rain, afterwards Gray Road will give way.

“If we demeanour during where all a small drains come across, we can see where it’s falling down.”

He says brief tenure solutions from a city, by building adult a banks, isn’t working.

If a highway gives out, it’ll cost him and his neighbors additional time to get around.

“A lot of people use this road, and if it goes down, we’ll have to go to I-95 behind around and go to a stores or any medical stuff,” Tommy told us.

We reached out to a City of Cocoa, and good news, given we spoke to Tommy, city crews have started work on a embankments.

“The city budgets for annual re-paving of streets via a city. These roads are scheduled for repaving this arriving mercantile year,” pronounced Samantha Senger, Cocoa partner to a city manager and open family specialist.

That mercantile year starts in October.

Tommy only wants something finished before a subsequent storm.

“It’s only going to get worse until they get a permanent solution,” warns Tommy.

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