Vallejo Police Department trade tows 42 deserted cars, tags 35 others – Vallejo Times

The Vallejo Police Department Traffic Division conducted an deserted car decrease operation recently to residence a some-more than 900 complaints of deserted vehicles on open streets via a city.

The operation consisted of sworn and municipal crew and lonesome all 8 military beats. The formula were 273 complaints checked, 177 vehicles left on arrival, 42 vehicles towed, 35 tagged for tow, 19 unfounded, and one cited.

The Vallejo Police Department Traffic Division conducts daily checks of deserted vehicles via a city and intermittently conducts vast scale decrease operations, according to a Sunday press release, adding that deserted vehicles minister to corrupt and are a theme of regard for many of a village members.

Community members are speedy to news deserted vehicles in Vallejo by job a Abandoned Vehicle Hotline during (707) 648-4682 or visiting a website to record an deserted car news online.

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