Sheldon Road, Site of Fatal Crash, Subject of Traffic Survey

HILLSBOROUGH SCHOOL, Fla. – Do we feel protected on Sheldon Road?

That’s a doubt Lisa Silva wants to ask. She is with Plan Hillsborough and heads adult a Vision Zero – Sheldon Road mezzanine study. 

The highway is as one of a tip 8 many dangerous corridors in a county. 

“We have a speed emanate here in Hillsborough County,” Silva said. “Speeding is one of a tip things that means a fatalities on a roadways. Speed kills.”

A high speed pile-up took a lives of 3 people on Sheldon Road during Linebaugh Avenue, Tuesday morning. 

Silva lives in a area and that pile-up strike too tighten to home.

“I woke adult this morning to content messages endangered about my well-being,” she said. “And afterwards we immediately had my concerns spin to my son, since he was going to be entrance by a intersection since his train stop is within eye-sight of this intersection.”

We’ve told we about Vision Zero before. It’s a worldwide bid to move a sum series of pile-up fatalities to zero. 

It revolves around 3 points: Education, engineering and enforcement.

Each has a purpose to play to make a roads safe.

But last what multiple will assistance discharge crashes like this involves reaching out into a village for help.

These flyers have been distributed along a corridor. It includes a website where we can tell planners your Sheldon Road story.

“We wish everybody to go online and find out some-more and attend in a survey,” Silva said.

The consult isn’t only for Sheldon Road drivers. There are 7 additional dangerous corridors identified by a county that are included.

Let’s do a partial to make trade fatalities a thing of a past.

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