Apple News+ in iOS 14 Opens Article Web Links in Apple News, Intercepting Traffic From Websites

What a horrible feature, generally for desktop.

The Apple News app is awful. They should have done a entrance to magazines front and centre, instead it’s like a child’s chronicle of an rss reader usually worse. It presents a feeble categorised lifeless brew of a same kind of news stories.

The curated stuff, when political, takes a unequivocally slight domestic perspective too. It’s utterly preachy.

I got 6 months of apple news and for giveaway by my mobile provider, we attempted unequivocally tough to like it. In a finish we usually use it to spasmodic review a Times (UK) article, that are unequivocally tough to find as there’s no correct hunt engine in a app.

Once a 6 months giveaway expires, I’ll be deletion a app opposite all my iDevices.

Subbing alone to news services, whatever brew we want, that seductiveness we and you’ll indeed review seems like a improved options.

Apple News+ is a resolution looking for a problem.

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