Google Creates a New Source of Traffic With Keen

Google has sensitively announced a calm find use called Keen. Keen is being referred to as a Pinterest aspirant though that’s not wholly accurate.

Keen is a appurtenance training app that actively promotes applicable web pages to users. Keen is staid to turn a new source of mention traffic, that creates it estimable of investigation.

What is Keen

Keen is an initial web and Android app that is a partial of Google’s Area 120 projects. Area 120 is described as where tiny teams can work together in a tiny startup mode to move innovative projects to life.

According to an central post on Google, a plan grew out of a father and mother pity information about activities that were critical to them, activities they wanted to share with any other.

As they collected links and resources associated to their hobbies and goals, a Googler accepted that he indispensable a apparatus that not usually helped curate and share those ideas though to learn some-more of those ideas.

The post explains:

“It was absolute to tell any other what we wanted to spend some-more time on. And once we did, we found that collecting associated ideas, links and resources together gave us a approach to spend some-more time on a common passions in genuine life.

To try this thought further, 4 colleagues and we combined a new examination called Keen…”

The curated calm can be common with a public, with specific people or kept private.

What sets Keen detached from Pinterest is that Keen uses Google Search and appurtenance training to assistance aspect calm that is associated to your interest.

As your collection grows Keen becomes even improved during surfacing a kind of calm users are meddlesome in.

This is a active calm find method.

According to a central proclamation we can:

“Save and supplement links, text, images and web searches. Everything we supplement gets we some-more to explore…”

That “more to explore” partial is what is going to assistance a web ecosystem accept some-more traffic.

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Keen is a New Channel for Traffic

Keen represents a new event to grow recognition and traffic.

The many absolute recommendation a website can accept is a recommendation from one crony to another.

The value of Keen to a web ecosystem is that it represents a new approach for users to learn web content.

Keen actively searches and suggests applicable calm to users.

A hunt engine is passive. It waits for someone to ask it a question. Keen is proactive.

Instead of passively suggesting calm in response to hunt queries, Keen actively recommends calm that people will enjoy.

This is distant some-more than a Pinterest competitor. It’s a approach to grow trade and popularity.

Web publishers, hunt marketers and web stores might find it useful to demeanour into Keen to see how it might fit into their selling strategy.

Read Google’s proclamation here:
Want to Share Your Passion with a World? Get Keen

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