E-commerce Update: Website Traffic, Conversion Rates See Slow Decline

Here, a IndieCommerce group shares an critical demeanour during stream trends in a universe of e-commerce.

Below is a seven-day comparison of a e-commerce acclimatisation rate for all IndieCommerce (IC) and IndieLite (IL) stores. The acclimatisation rate is a commission of visitors to websites that finish a squeeze online.

When comparing a dual periods, final week (blue line) had an normal acclimatisation rate of 7.22 percent vs. a prior week (orange line) of 7.39 percent. This represents a 2.27 percent diminution in a acclimatisation rate. This is a third uninterrupted week we have seen a weekly normal dump in this rate.

During a same seven-day comparison period, we also saw a 3.83 percent diminution in a series of users to IC and IL websites (see draft below). This is a third uninterrupted week that we have seen a weekly normal dump in traffic.

The trend we’ve celebrated over a past 3 weeks is that trade to bookstore websites is much aloft than usual, though it is solemnly dropping. We’ve also seen a delayed dump in a e-commerce acclimatisation rate during this same period. Some of this is due to states reopening for business, while some of this is due to an annual anniversary dump as continue improves and people go outside. Keep in mind that a acclimatisation rates on bookstore websites are still extremely high. Bookstores should take advantage of this by enlivening business to emporium online; if their store now offers curbside or in-store pickup, they should heavily foster this as a protected selling alternative. 

Additionally, bookstores should not be regressive with their online selling right now. Many stores are augmenting a magnitude of their email newsletters, email marketing, and amicable media marketing. With a towering acclimatisation rates we’ve been seeing, if bookstores can get business into their website, there is a good possibility they will modify to a sale.

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