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Advertising on Televisual’s new website and weekly newsletters gives we a many manly height from that to strech a upstream UK prolongation village from prolongation companies and broadcasters to a evident supply sequence including TV studios, OB, camera rental, design and audio post production, VFX and animation companies.

Above all we wish we to plead how best we work with us to do your digital selling objectives and entice we to get in hold so we can build a best probable debate in your image.


Televisual is a resolutely established, well-respected and much-loved code that has turn synonymous with a UK prolongation community. Televisual has a constant and intent assembly from broadcaster and studio by prolongation association and trickery and all those with heading roles who work professionally in relocating picture calm origination for television, film, commercials and corporate applications.

The calm on is open access and directly related to and compliments a repository brand. Where Televisual magazine plays to a strength of a Quarterly courteous review lead by benchmark reports and surveys, a Televisual website leads with daily news from opposite a UK prolongation zone with a serve of facilities and video content.

Before a launch of this, a new website, normal singular visits per month was in additional of 80,000, roughly all from a UK and mostly with executive and managerial roles within primarily television, followed by film, commercials and corporate prolongation and a evident supply chain.

Traffic to a site comes with an even separate between lift amicable media and email alerts and lift and accurately reflects a repository placement and readership. Because a site is open entrance and doesn’t need any subscription or registration, we are incompetent to yield a minute audited demographic profile. However, we do know a form of a over 15,500 Twitter supporters and of a entirely competent 12,500 email database who click by to a site during a rate in additional of 10,000 per week and is broadly in line with a repository readership. Given Televisual has niche calm for a niche veteran audience, we can assume that many other trade comes to a site organically and therefore also reflects a Televisual reader village and that a infancy of a trade is broadly in line with a repository mailing and readership. (See MAGAZINE tab.)

Two-thirds (65%) of a repository readers operative in comparison roles in UK television, film, commercials prolongation companies and broadcasters. Typical pursuit titles embody CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Production, Directors of Resource, Creative Directors, Executive Producers, Producers and Directors. This includes many smaller businesses as good as nearby on concept rendezvous with all of a categorical prolongation houses.

A serve fifth (20%) have executive and government roles or are comparison operators and comparison technical staff within a evident supply sequence including film and radio studios, outward broadcast, camera rental, post production, VFX and animation. Typical pursuit titles embody Managing Directors, Heads of Department, CTOs and a extended operation of comparison artistic and operational roles. Almost all of these businesses minister to Televisual calm either in imitation and online and rivet with us on a really unchanging basis.

The remaining sixth (15%) paint a some-more different cross-section with a infancy being heading freelancers (without a association umbrella) – typically prolongation executives, directors, DoPs, editors – or operative in ad group or in-house production.

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