RingSide’s traffic-plagued beef sale returns, this time with reservations

This Saturday, Northwest Portland’s 75-year-old Ringside steakhouse will move behind a dry-aged beef sale that led to a mile-long trade jam final month.

Only this time around, a restaurant, 2165 W. Burnside St., is holding pre-orders for a sale via a website.

Last time, a griddle sold 2,000 pounds of beef in dual hours, and additional boxes of solidified pork, duck and some-more to business in cars lined adult for a mile down West Burnside Street.

Saturday’s offerings embody griddle kits, dry-aged steaks by a case, lamb from Cattail Creek and more. To equivocate a regularity of final month’s traffic, RingSide will appropriate a pickup time and parking mark for any customer. Staff will wear masks and change gloves between any guest. Customers are asked to sojourn in their cars.

See what’s still accessible on RingSide’s website.

RingSide Steakhouse offers adult beef for sale amid a coronavirus outbreak

Michael Russell, mrussell@oregonian.com, @tdmrussell

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