Imperva Releases Seventh Annual Bad Bot Report; Uncovers Nearly a Quarter of Overall Website Traffic Driven by Bad Bots

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Imperva, Inc., a cybersecurity personality championing a quarrel to secure information and applications wherever they reside, currently expelled a annual news titled: “2020 Bad Bot Report: The Bad Bots Strike Back.” The news investigates a automation that wreaks massacre on websites and mobile apps. The commentary suggested bad bot trade has augmenting compared to before years, comprising roughly one entertain (24.1%) of all website trade and many heavily impacting a financial services industry. The news is formed on 2019 information collected from Imperva’s tellurian network including hundreds of billions of bad bot requests anonymized opposite thousands of domains.

Key Findings from a 2020 Bad Bot Report:

  • Bad bot trade rises to tip levels ever. In 2019, bad bot trade comprised 24.1% of all website traffic, rising 18.1% from a year prior. Good bot trade consisted of 13.1% of traffic—a 25.1% diminution from 2018—while 62.8% of all website trade came from humans.
  • Financial services attention strike hardest by bad bots. Every attention has a singular bot problem trimming from comment takeover attacks and credential stuffing to calm and cost scraping. The tip 5 industries with a many bad bot trade embody financial services (47.7%), preparation (45.7%), IT and services (45.1%), marketplaces (39.8%), and supervision (37.5%).
  • Moderate to worldly bad bots make adult roughly 3 buliding of bad bot traffic. Advanced determined bots (APBs) continue to disease websites and mostly equivocate showing by cycling by pointless IP addresses, entering by unknown proxies, changing their identities, and mimicking tellurian behavior. In 2019, 73.7% of bad bot trade was APBs.
  • More than half of bad bots explain to be Google Chrome. Continuing to follow browser recognition trends, bad bots impersonated a Chrome browser 55.4% of a time. The use of information centers reduced again in 2019, accounting for 70% of bad bot traffic—down from 73.6% in 2018.
  • For a third year in a row, a many blocked nation is Russia. In 2019, 21.1% of nation blocks were Russia, followed closely by China during 19%. Despite this, with many bad bot trade emanating from information centers, a United States stays a “bad bot superpower” with 45.9% of attacks entrance from a country.

“We closely guard how antagonistic bots iterate to hedge showing and dedicate a far-reaching operation of attacks, and this year’s commentary have suggested a subsequent evolution: Bad Bots as-a-Service,” pronounced Kunal Anand, CTO during Imperva. “Bad Bots as-a-Service is an try by bot operators to legitimize their purpose and interest to organizations confronting augmenting vigour to stay forward of competition. It’s vicious that businesses travelling all industries learn that threats are many pervasive in their margin and take a required stairs to strengthen themselves.”

Bad bots correlate with applications in a same approach a legitimate user would, creation them harder to detect and prevent. They capacitate high-speed abuse, misuse, and attacks on websites, mobile apps, and APIs. They concede bot operators, attackers, unpalatable competitors, and fraudsters to perform a far-reaching array of antagonistic activities. Such activities embody web scraping, rival information mining, personal and financial information harvesting, brute-force login, digital ad fraud, spam, transaction fraud, and more. Produced by a Imperva Research Labs, a premier investigate classification for certainty analysis, disadvantage discovery, and correspondence expertise, a 2020 Bad Bot Report underscores a augmenting pervasiveness of bad bots, divulgence that no attention is protected from antagonistic bot activity.

To download a full duplicate of Imperva’s report, visit:

To ask questions and learn more, register for a arriving webinar covering a 2020 Bad Bot Report holding place on Tuesday, May 5, during 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET.

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