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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The Democratic presidential possibilities are racing toward a biggest day on a primary calendar, when 14 states opinion on Super Tuesday. It’s a day when a primary moves from sell to wholesale. Instead of one state voting during a time, possibilities have to concentration on contests in each segment of a nation with all forms of voters.

While Super Tuesday won’t indispensably establish who wins a nomination, it has historically been formidable for a claimant who performs feeble on a day to recover. Here’s a demeanour during Tuesday’s contests:


Fourteen states reason primaries on Super Tuesday, including California and Texas, a dual biggest nominee hauls of a whole primary season. California offers 415 representatives and Texas 228. In total, some-more than 1,300 representatives will be adult for grabs, about a third of a sum accessible in a competition to a Democratic presidential nomination.

Although Super Tuesday was creatively combined as a informal primary featuring Southern states, it has morphed over a years. This year, it includes states from each segment of a country.

The other states are Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Vermont, Utah, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Most of a Southern states are Republican strongholds in a ubiquitous election, while others like California are solidly Democratic. North Carolina is expected to be a bridgehead state in a ubiquitous election.

Polls tighten between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. internal time, depending on a state.


The Super Tuesday states are home to different electorates, both when it comes to demographics and domestic ideology. In California and Texas, white citizens make adult reduction than half a population. Latinos count for scarcely 40% of a populations in both states. California, meanwhile, has a nation’s top Asian population, during roughly 15%. North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas have vast populations of black voters, one of a Democratic Party’s core voting blocs. The states brew a brew of civic and farming voters, as good as Democrats from all sides of a domestic spectrum. As possibilities concentration on courtship Southern Democrats in states like Texas and Arkansas, they contingency also be meditative about a summary that can ring in on-going San Francisco.

Most of a Super Tuesday states have some form of widespread early voting. Voters in Minnesota, for example, could start casting ballots in January. Millions of mail-in ballots went out to California citizens on Feb. 3, a day of a Iowa caucuses.


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg have had a widest and many assertive footprint opposite a Super Tuesday states, mostly since they’ve got a income to spend. Bloomberg is promotion in all 14 states, while Sanders is on a airwaves in 12. It’s a initial time Bloomberg will be on ballots after he skipped a initial 4 voting states, creation a day a vicious exam of his speculation that he’s a best claimant to mount opposite Sanders and, later, Republican President Donald Trump.

Sanders spent Sunday in California, holding rallies in a San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, a state’s vital magnanimous strongholds. He’s anticipating his monthslong concentration on a state and inflection with Latino citizens will assistance him win a vast cube of a state’s 415 delegates. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be in California on Monday, and Joe Biden skeleton to lapse on primary day.

Biden, for his part, hopes his clever display in Saturday’s South Carolina primary is a messenger of entrance success with black voters, who browbeat a Democratic citizens in a handful of Super Tuesday states. Warren hoped to win her home-state primary, yet Sanders is creation a play for it. Bloomberg has also campaigned opposite a South in new days as he tries to infer he can build a winning Democratic coalition.

Democrats against to Sanders are anticipating to see citizens fuse behind a assuage alternative. Any of a possibilities could face vigour to dump out if they don’t perform good on Tuesday.

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