Wekiva Parkway Project Causing Traffic Headaches

SANFORD, Fla. — Folks roving State Road 46 in Lake and Seminole counties are encountering terrible trade and construction delays. It’s all given of a stability work on a new Wekiva Parkway. 

  • Wekiva Parkway to be finished in 2022
  • Connects 417 to 429
  • FDOT says a plan is on bill and on schedule

You can see construction usually about everywhere on SR 46 between Lake and Seminole County. Years ago, artist Lori Anne Harris never had a problem branch out of Moreen Drive to get on State Road 46 though things have changed.

“Sometimes we have to wait 10 minutes,” Harris said. “Traffic is so corroborated adult we can’t get out of here safely.”

And if we suspicion trade was bad, Lori can also paint we a design on how to get to her house.

“You go down 46 like we are going out to a Wekiva, and when we see a large nauseous mountain, we spin left,” Harris said.

The towering and trade will be left in time. By 2022 a Wekiva Parkway plan will be complete, joining a 417 to 429 and widening seven miles of State Road 46 between Lake and Seminole Counties.

“As of now, a annual daily trips opposite this apportionment of State Road 46, are 26,500 vehicles,” Wekiva Parkway Community Outreach Specialist Nick Lulli said. “There are a lot of vehicles on a highway and that series is augmenting each year.”

According to Florida Dept. of Transportation, a $1.6 billion plan is both on report and on budget. Until it’s done, internal homeowners like Lori have had their concerns given day one.

“Great, trade is going to be horrible,” Harris said.

Both concerns a Wekiva Parkway plan is holding to heart. Not usually is this plan going to assistance with a upsurge off traffic, though it is also being really responsive of a wildlife. Four bridges along SR 46 are going to be an opening for wildlife to roam. This will forestall wildlife from removing strike by approaching traffic.

FDOT feels their Wekiva Parkway and entrance roads for homeowners is a win-win for all drivers.

“Yes, a race boost does poise a plea to your highway system,” FDOT Communications Manager Steve Olson said. “You do have to find potency on a existent structures that we have, or start expanding.”

If we are extraordinary about construction updates for a Wekiva Parkway project, or to see what areas they will be operative on next, we can revisit the Wekiva Parkway plan website for some-more information.

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