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There is estimable justification that an unannounced Google Update is underway. This refurbish has been inspiring sites opposite a far-reaching operation of niches. Most of a feedback is disastrous nonetheless there are winners churned in, including winners in a spam community.

Impact Felt Across Many Industries

Forensic SEO consultant Alan Bleiweiss (@AlanBleiweiss) remarkable in a twitter how this refurbish influenced a comparison of industries. He tweeted:

“I guard 47 sites

  • Mental Health Knowledge bottom Directory – adult 20%
  • Travel engagement – adult 14%
  • Travel engagement – adult 25%
  • Recipes – adult 12%
  • B to C eCom – adult 20%
  • Tech news – down 20%
  • Skin caring associate – down 48%
  • Alternative health – not impacted
  • Other Recipe sites – not impacted”

Note: The double inventory for transport sites is not a typo. It’s a anxiety to dual transport sites. 

Recipe Bloggers Report Update Effects

Google does not aim specific niches. The recipe blogger niche is a frequency orderly community. Because of that when something large happens a community’s voice will be amplified.

Thus it was that a recipe blogger village beheld this update. As of progressing currently there was a flourishing list of 47 recipe blogs that had reported waste from this update.

Casey Markee of MediaWyse (@MediaWyse) who specializes in food blog SEO pronounced this about those 47 sites that were pang from Google’s Nov 2019 update:

“All of them, large sites, tiny sites, middle sites, all are arrangement like 30%+ drops. I know it’s tough on bloggers to see drops and thing “OMG we need to make some thespian changes.”

But that’s like throwing darts during a board, blindfolded, in a dark, while underwater. Definitely need to WAIT for some-more information and until this “update” (or whatever it is) has entirely rolled-out.”

I agree, it’s best to wait to hear what Google says about this update. we took a discerning demeanour during dual of a recipe sites that were mislaid trade and both of them had complicated use of keyword terms.

Travel Bloggers

One chairman tweeted:

Many First Time Google Update Casualties

A extraordinary note about this refurbish is that there are many publishers saying that they have never been strike by a prior refurbish and are astounded to have finally been strike by a Nov 2019 Google update. As a deputy example, one publisher tweeted:

Facebook-Hat Observations

A member of a private SEO Signals Lab Facebook group had a identical experience.

As an example, a Facebook member settled that his 7 year aged site that’s been in a tip 3 for years unexpected forsaken to page dual and three.

Perhaps of seductiveness or maybe not, this member reported carrying used calm research program to investigate a SERPs to know a kind of difference are ranking for queries. Regardless if that’s a thought or not, this is another chairman out of many who reported carrying never suffered from a prior Google refurbish and are now carrying a formidable time with this update.

Another Facebook member reported a 20% change in trade though with small change in keyword positions. That kind of outcome is infrequently caused by an boost in People Also Ask, Featured Snippets, Carousels, Top Stories and other “helpful” Google facilities that tend to pull organic formula down.

According to Moz’s Mozcast, a biggest changes has been in a Top Stories, with a spike commencement on Nov 5th, 2019 that appearance on Thursday Nov 7th, when justification of an refurbish was commencement to surge.

Screenshot of MozcastScreenshot of Mozcast

Could that be causing some of a trade declines? It’s tough to say, these are a initial days of a refurbish and information is still trickling in.

In general, there are some-more people saying ranking waste than increases in a SEO Signals Labs group. And on Twitter there are many saying losses, distant some-more than winners.

Gray Hat Update Experience

Members of a self-described “gray hat” Proper SEO Facebook group are generally positive. This organisation is focused on Private Blog Network (PBN) links. The Admin of a organisation posted an Accuranker graph arrangement that all his keywords were on a high ceiling trajectory, with one member observant his graph resembled a hockey stick.

Another member remarked that he was carrying a week to week alleviation in sales on a sequence of 30%, with Friday tracking during a 70% improvement.

Several members remarkable that there have been outrageous gains in Google Local changes.

Overall, a gray hats are responding some-more certain than negative.

Black Hat Update Reaction

Over during a Black Hat World forums members are deliberating thespian changes to their rankings. Some are saying waste as high as 40%.

A few however are saying improvements from Google’s Nov update.

According to one member:

“There contingency be something going on, I’ve seen 2 people on jungle associate forum saying that their trade took a outrageous nose dive. Mine is adult 30% yesterday and today.”

While in another discussion a black shawl member commented:

“Just currently we saw large improvements finally… “

No-Hat SEO Observations on Google Update

Over on WebmasterWorld Forums, members started saying changes on Wednesday Nov 6th . One member remarkable on Thursday that they hadn’t seen conversions in 24 hours. Another member noted:

“I’m saying serps filled with malware and disreputable redirects from .cf .tk .ml .gq .ga domains.

Google can’t tell detached anymore a legitimate site and a spam site. This is serious. The anti-spam group mislaid a battle.”

That regard seems to attest a certain reports seen in black shawl and gray shawl communities.

Member Paperchaser said:

“Entertainment attention here, we see lot of transformation on my end, lot of sites losing their ranking heavily and integrate hours after all gets behind to where they were.”

Fishing Hat SEO Reaction to Update

Someone asked me if I’m a white shawl SEO. My response was that I’m some-more of a fishing shawl form of SEO. In other words, we try to concentration on what Google is doing and from there build an bargain of how to respond.

In my 20 years operative in hunt marketing, we have seen hunt selling trends and theories come and go afterwards come behind again.

For example, Google has prolonged been rumored to aim associate sites. But it wasn’t that Google targeted associate sites. It was some-more about associate sites regulating promotional strategies that stopped operative since how Google ranked sites evolved.

Over a past 5 years, ranking declines have some-more mostly been about changes in how Google understands hunt queries and decides what is relevant.

There have been countless responses to new updates that have proven fake since they were formed on bad sources of information or bad reasoning.

Examples of bad observations  are:

  • The recommendation that to build an authors page
  • Advice to arrangement consultant accreditation on a site
  • The recommendation to urge E-A-T (Google’s reliable there is no E-A-T ranking factor)

That bad recommendation came from regulating Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines as a approach to know Google’s algorithm. All of those theories have been debunked by Googlers such as John Mueller and Gary Illyes. (For some-more information, review Google’s E-A-T: Busting 10 of a Biggest Misconception)

The Search Quality Raters Guidelines can be used to set goals for what a website can be and from those goals one can emanate strategies to grasp those high standards. 

But that request was never a highway map of Google’s algorithm. It was a highway map for how to rate a website. That’s all. Two opposite things.  But that request is invalid for perplexing to know since a site is no longer ranking since there are no ranking secrets in a Search Quality Raters Guidelines.

Google Does Not Target Individual Niches

Google frequency targets an industry. In a past some SEOs promoted a thought that Google was targeting medical sites. They were wrong and now we are stranded with a ineptly  named Medic Update to remind a SEO attention that Google does not aim specific industries.

Google Targeting Recipe/Travel Blogs?

Anyone who says that Google is targeting a recipe or transport blogs is substantially mistaken. Historically, with a few exceptions, Google updates have not targeted specific industries. Google extended core updates concentration on issues like relevance.

This refurbish has influenced publishers from all niches. It’s a extended refurbish that affects a far-reaching operation of site topics.

Takeaway About Google’s Nov Update

The indicate afterwards is to wait until we hear from Google.

Most of a past updates have focused on aptitude by bargain user queries better, bargain what web pages are about, and bargain a couple vigilance better.

It could be that Google is rolling out a multiple of changes associated to content, queries and backlinks. That’s a protected bet… though during this point, though we simply don’t know. To contend that Google is targeting specific kinds of sites or forms of calm is to movement on skinny ice.


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