Google Maps on iOS will shortly let we news speed traps and trade slowdowns

Since 2018, Google has solemnly combined ways to news incidents on a highway like accidents, highway closures, and traffic slowdowns — something done renouned by Google-owned Waze — to Google Maps on Android. Starting this week, though, Google says Google Maps users on iOS will shortly be means to news highway incidents as well.

In a blog post (via 9to5Google), Google says that iPhone users will be means to news those crashes, speed traps, and trade slowdowns now too. To news an incident, you’ll daub a new symbol underneath a compass in a pushing navigation UI, as shown in this GIF:

And iOS users aren’t a usually ones removing new stating options — Google says that users on both platforms will be means to news construction, line closures, infirm vehicles, and objects on a highway in updates rolling out this week.

One of a best tools of Waze is that it gives a flattering accurate design of what’s function on a roads around we so that we can have a improved thought of stream highway conditions. Hopefully, now that both users on both vital phone platforms can news what’s going on, and with some-more fact than before, Google Maps will yield likewise useful information.

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