What Is Forensic SEO?

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One of a core areas of SEO services for me over a final 10+ years has been debate SEO.

And hell, we dump that tenure all a time in several conversations, groups, interviews like it’s something that everybody knows about.

Apparently, not so much.

There does seem to be a small difficulty out there on what it is exactly. And so today, we’re going to try and transparent that up.

Oh, by a way, we am utterly wakeful of a innumerable of existent “definitions” of debate SEO that now spawn a landscape.

Uhm, yeah. Sigh.

This is about how those we know that specialize in it, perspective debate SEO. Feel giveaway to disagree with me about it all we wish (I’m kinda used to it lol).

Forensic SEO: The Basics

To start with I’m not even certain where a tenure came from, though we started regulating it maybe 10+ years ago.

Essentially, it’s a form of (SEO) review that isn’t about optimizing. It’s some-more about trade with a site that has mislaid visibility.

It could be a straight-up manual action.

It could be a dampening outcome (think: Penguin/Panda behind in a day).

It could be on-site issues.

And many times, it’s a mixed of things.

I like to learn folks/clients that it’s mostly about a “Sherlock Holmes School of SEO”:

“When we have separated a impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, contingency be a truth.”

As such, when we’re doing debate SEO we unequivocally do wish to cover all a bases and demeanour into areas such as:

  • Data comment (Analytics, Search Console, etc.)
  • Recent and past SEO changes to a site
  • Accessing developer changelogs (changes to a site)
  • Look during hosting (server) changes (updating tech, etc.)
  • External factors (link building, etc.)
  • Known changes to Google’s algorithms
  • Market shred evolution
  • Negative SEO (malicious actions by others)
  • Site firmness (has it been hacked?)

And there’s always room for more. It’s rather situational.

But a categorical thing is that when one approaches mislaid visibility, never be myopic.

Look underneath any mill and never have a inequitable or preconceived mindset when we get started.

As we overwhelmed on above, it’s mostly a mixed of elements. If we proceed things with an existent hypothesis, you’re unequivocally expected to skip pieces of a nonplus that will present discernment into a altogether issues.

The good news is that if you’re consummate and extensive about a process, you’ll fundamentally find apart issues that can be incited into opportunities.

Types of prominence lossTypes of prominence loss

The Process

We unequivocally can’t get into a specifics of a approach. Or I’d be essay a book here, not an article.

Maybe if there’s some interest, I’ll work on something some-more minute in a destiny (hit me adult in a comments on that… thanks!). But lets during slightest work out some simple details.

The apparent starting indicate in many cases will be a client. They’ve brought we in for a given reason. That onboarding assembly creates for a good starting point.

If you’re in-house/agency, afterwards we have a good clarity of where to start as well.

If it’s a primer action? Oddly, that’s even improved as we have clues and a good chance (reinclusion request).

But again, this is only a starting point. Now we have to mislay ourselves from a situation. Start to puncture by a intensity offenders as per a points mentioned earlier. Isolate any area and make notes.

Some critical considerations include:


Getting a timelines for prominence detriment is a no-brainer. That being said, puncture behind as distant as probable historically, since there competence be past demons that a brief temporal research competence miss.

Knee Jerk

Often times management, in their panic, will have implemented some intensity fixes. This is mostly finished with small or no care of a effects.

Make certain we residence these in a onboarding. It’s a apart care from a strange problem.

Lack of Data

Like a alloy that has no studious records, we will mostly be faced with a miss of data.

If that’s web developer changelogs, SEO activity annals (and dates), annotated analytics, etc… it’s a unequivocally common obstacle. Some of your routine is going to engage instincts.

By a finish of a process, we should during a unequivocally least, have some plain leads on what a issues are.

Working on Recovery

But identifying a issues isn’t where it ends. The subsequent partial is recovery.

Manual actions are flattering straightforward. You know what a problem is, we only need to entirely scold them and work on a reconsideration request.

While they’re frightful and can potentially have prolonged tenure effects (loss of trust, etc.), during slightest we have a plain starting point.

The rest? Not so much.

We’re going to have to cover as many belligerent as probable with a information and information during hand.

Those that are struggling financially with mislaid trade mostly have a knee jerk greeting and start plugging divided during mixed elements. That won’t work.

You have to indeed exercise one repair during a time and let it percolate.

This is since one “fix” competence have a certain effect, while another has a disastrous one. As such, it would uncover a relations net outcome of 0.

As tough as it is, we contingency get a client/webmaster to buy-in to a routine for recovery.

What Is Forensic SEO?What Is Forensic SEO?

Recovery Buy-in

This, many like an audit, can be a hardest part.

There’s mostly a ton of insurgency to a recommendations that can change from financial, redundancy and even egos.

And while we can mount by your assertions and convictions, we competence still run out of runway.

I would have to contend that in many situations I’ve been in, a adoption of a recommendations and a metered proceed isn’t entirely realized. That’s a unhappy truth.

When doing debate SEO work, concentration on a pursuit during hand.

Focus on a health of a site. Listen to a information and info during hand. That’s about all we can do.

Regardless of a probable push-back or a whacky customer theories, only transparent your mind and find a truth.

And there we have it… if we wanted to a basement of debate SEO, we got it. Below is only a bit of discernment we wanted to supplement to a conversation… though not imperative reading for a piece.

On a Personal Note…

All of this brings me to a hardest part, on a personal note; The pain.

I used to do flattering many full-time debate SEO. we had to give it adult on a full-time basis. Each and any chairman that comes to we is suffering.

I’ve listened stories of people during risk of losing their business, their life savings, kids college account and more. It’s not a good proceed to make a vital (specializing in debate SEO).

In fact, a vigour became too many and we mostly had bad health and nap habits (couldn’t stop meditative about a given situation). we still work in this area, though not full time. It was only too much.

Which brings me behind around to my passion for a industry. Our bland SEO actions have repercussions. We have a shortcoming that can have real-world effects.

People remove jobs and a ability to feed their family. we get very pissed off during crap-hat SEO. we go off constantly on those forms in several groups (Facebook, etc.) and peeps know me for that… we don’t mount for rubbish SEO.

Please… PLEASE… remember a downside of bad SEO. This is a critical business, this “thing of ours”.

As we were….

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