New Maui Traffic Camera Images Now Available Online

The Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation is expanding a network of cameras permitted to a open to Maui by providing real-time images of trade conditions during pivotal intersections.  Department officials contend a images will also yield additional collection for a state and counties to conduct a alley system.


      HDOT modernized trade vigilance systems during all 82 existent signalized intersections on Maui to concede connectivity between signals and to set adult a cloud-based Advanced Traffic Management System or ATMS. The ATMS consists of controllers, a transport time system, mobile communications, dispute guard units, and complement monitors to capacitate HDOT to remotely optimize trade vigilance timing on Maui.

      The camera designation was finished this summer and can pan, lean and zoom. The DOT records that a cameras are for “monitoring trade conditions, not for trade violations.”

      The Maui cameras are now permitted on a website by clicking on a “Cameras” tab, afterwards acid “Maui.” The images can also be seen by scrolling over a map of Maui and clicking on a camera idol during a specific intersection.

      “The cameras are an additional apparatus for people to see live trade conditions on Maui roadways to assistance devise their invert and equivocate certain areas if necessary,” pronounced Gov. David Y. Ige. “We are operative to have some-more state roadways on neighbor islands connected soon.”

      “The cameras concede a Highways Division and a county partners a ability to conduct a alley complement in genuine time and adjust to trade conditions as necessary,” pronounced Deputy Director Ed Sniffen, Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation Highways Division. “We are operative tough to get a residue of a complement connected to safeguard we can maximize a potency of a complement that we have via a day.”

      The trade cameras have been commissioned during a following 10 Maui intersections, with a difference of a Kuihelani/Puʻunēnē intersection that will have dual cameras and now has an intersection alleviation plan in construction that will be finished by a finish of 2019.

      • Haleakalā Highway and Hāna Highway
      • Honoapiʻilani Highway and North Kīhei Road
      • Kūihelani Highway and Puʻunēnē Avenue
      • Airport Access Road and Hāna Highway
      • Piʻilani Highway and Piʻikea Street
      • Maui Veterans Hwy and North Kīhei Road
      • Kaʻahumanu Avenue and Kahului Beach Road
      • Hāna Hwy and Baldwin Avenue
      • Haleakalā Highway and Kula Highway
      • Honoapiʻilani Highway and Keawe Street

      The site offers a series of real-time photos in specific areas on a island.  According to a website, a camera snapshots of trade are updated during slightest once each 5 minutes.

      The new cameras cameras are in further to a 200 trade cameras already located around Oʻahu that can be seen on a same website.

      Four new trade cameras on Kūhiō Highway Route 560 on Kauaʻi were also combined progressing this summer. The cameras uncover Kuhio Highway to assistance surprise motorists of trade conditions in a closeness of a slope stabilization work.

      Cameras were permitted on Hawaiʻi County during a Kīlauea tear and lava flow, however those cameras are no longer operable. HDOT is coordinating efforts to enhance a trade camera resources to roadways on Hawaiʻi Island.


      Honoapiʻilani Highway and Keawe Street. PC:

      Piʻilani Highway and Piʻikea Street. PC:

      Piʻilani Hwy during North Kīhei Road. PC:

      Haleakalā Highway and Kula Highway. PC:

      Airport Access Road and Hāna Highway. PC:

      Haleakalā Highway and Hāna Highway. PC:

      Hāna Hwy and Baldwin Avenue. PC:

      Kaʻahumanu Avenue and Kahului Beach Road. PC:

      Honoapiʻilani Highway and Keawe Street. PC:

      Puʻunēnē Aveune / Kūihelani Highway intersection. Photo credit: Wendy Osher

      Puʻunēnē Aveune / Kūihelani Highway intersection. Photo credit: Wendy Osher

      Hāna Highway / Baldwin Avenue intersection. PC: Wendy Osher (2019)

      Hāna Hwy entrance from Pāʻia only before Haleakalā Hwy. Maui Now photo.

      Hāna Hwy and Kahului Airport Access Road, 10.5.16. PC: Jason Fabrao

      Piʻilani Hwy during Piʻikea Avenue. PC: record picture by Wendy Osher.

      Maui Veterans Highway and North Kīhei Road

      Kaʻahumanu Avenue. Maui Now photo.

      Keawe St intersection with Honoapiʻilani Highway 3/1/18. Maui Now record photo.

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