Commuter options for back-to-school trade during UH Mānoa

Rainbow Shuttle

Rainbow Shuttle

With a tumble 2019 rush entrance up, a University of Hawaiʻi during Mānoa wants to remind students, expertise and staff of accessible commuter options to campus. Commuter Services would also like to remind everybody about a significance of display honour and care to a campus and village ʻohana.

UH is committed to shortening a CO footprint and ancillary tolerable modes of transportation. Commuters who live within 3 miles of campus are speedy to cruise choice means of transportation, including walking, as a healthy and tolerable option.

Rainbow Shuttle

The Rainbow Shuttle is another tolerable choice that UH Mānoa creates accessible during no assign with current UH ID.

  • Some of a routes, stops and times for a Rainbow Shuttle have altered for Fall 2019. View a new schedule or revisit a UHM Shuttle Tracker site.
  • Shuttle routes transport into Mānoa Valley, Mōʻiliʻili, Kaimukī and Makiki.
  • All shuttles are air-conditioned, ADA-compliant and versed with bike racks.
  • Shuttle arrivals might be monitored in genuine time by downloading a UHM Shuttle Tracker app or visiting a UHM Shuttle Tracker site.
  • To float a Rainbow Shuttle, we are compulsory to uncover a current UH ID.

For people who bike

For those who float mopeds and motorcycles

  • Parking permits are still accessible for zones on both top and revoke campus.
  • Permits are $40 per division and may be purchased online.

For students who drive

  • There are 400 carpool permits accessible for students.
  • Carpool assent holders will have entrance to elite parking stalls.
  • It’s a good approach to get to campus—make a friend, revoke your CO impress and separate costs.

Off-campus parking

When parking off campus, greatfully uncover your honour for a surrounding village by:

  • Parking in legally designated areas.
  • Following all state and city laws and ordinances.
  • Not restraint driveways and roads.
  • Carpooling whenever probable to revoke a series of parked cars in a area.
  • Arriving and vacating quietly.
  • Not littering.

More resources

  • If we drive, greatfully know that adult to 26,000 people entrance a campus daily, stuffing parking lots and structures to ability by mid-morning. Check a website or amicable media accounts (Facebook or Twitter) to accept campus trade updates.
  • To learn some-more about parking permits for UH students, expertise and staff, visit a website during a finish of any division or hit your parking coordinator for some-more info.
  • Off-campus parking locations are accessible with special rates for users with a current UH ID.
  • If we need a automobile for only an hour or two, rentals are accessible by Enterprise CarShare.

However we get to campus, we ask that we Move with Aloha!

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