DailyMail: 50% Drop In Traffic After Google Jun 2019 Core Update

Jesus Mendez, a SEO Director during MailOnline, that operators DailyMail.co.uk, has certified publicly that a site took a vast strike by a June 2019 Google core update that began rolling out June 3rd. He pronounced a site “lost 50% of daily traffic” since of this Google update.

[Update: we wish to be clear, we did not determine that Jesus Mendez indeed posted this. It could have technically been someone who has something opposite him or a announcement and posted regulating his name. Anyone can post underneath anyone else’s name though corroboration by Google. Also, if we would have asked before to edition this, we gamble a forum post would have been deleted. That being pronounced many third celebration collection (including Sistrix) uncover that a Daily Mail UK mislaid about half of a Google visibility.]

It is unequivocally singular for a edition site that vast to acknowledge they were strike by a Google refurbish – intensely singular to see a post about it in a open forum. But a clarity is transparent and honest, that we do love. It launched in 2003, and according to Wikipedia it is/was “the many visited English-language journal website in a world, with over 11.34m visitors daily in Aug 2014.” Heck, we even wrote how intelligent they were when they hid an easter egg in their robots.txt file to sinecure a savvy SEO for their publication.

But now, a site mislaid 50% of a traffic, with an additional 90% dump in their Google Discover trade – that can harm large time for a announcement that size.

Jesus Mendez wrote in as Google Webmaster Help thread “The day after a extended core algorithm refurbish (June 3rd) we saw a vast dump in Search trade from Google (lost 50% of daily traffic). This was a dump over a march of 24-hours and we have not done any changes to a site. Further, we saw a Discover trade dump by 90% and has not improved. This is opposite all verticals, devices, AMP and Non-AMP. “

Here is a shade shot of a full post (click to enlarge):

click for full size

There are no responses to this post – though wowza. We know this refurbish can be big for some sites though a DailyMail unequivocally felt it!

Forum contention during Google Webmaster Help.

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