Three Innovative Tools to Increase Your Website Traffic

The trade your medical website generates can also be a valued source of income, make certain you’re maximizing it.

In a digital selling era, many companies rest on pay-per-click online promotion on Google, Facebook and other platforms to boost their website traffic. However, paid promotion can be an costly proposition, and a formula might not be adult to a symbol in many cases. Here are 3 innovative collection we can use to boost trade on your medical website though spending a fortune.practice government SEO collection website use creation views

YouTube Videos

You can sign a recognition of online videos from a fact that YouTube is now a second-largest hunt engine (after Google) with some-more than 3 billion searches a month. That creates it bigger than Bing, Yahoo, and all other hunt engines. To gain on a hunt energy of YouTube, all we need is a webcam to emanate a video about a new procession or record introduced during your practice, or any other useful and engaging information or news associated to your field.

Website trade generated around YouTube is typically some-more intent since a normal spectator would have already seen a video and would be some-more expected to be compliant in preference of your practice. YouTube provides we a possess keyword apparatus that will assistance we learn about a common keywords and phrases that we can use to expostulate some-more targeted trade to your website.   

You can hide YouTube videos on your website to boost your perspective count as well. The aloft a array of views that your YouTube video garners, a larger will be a prominence in a hunt engine results. You might also cruise regulating giveaway online collection to emanate videos that engage a use of your mechanism and upload them directly on YouTube.

Quora QA is a world’s many renouned question-and-answer site where questions are created, answered, orderly and edited by a user community. Quora is one of a many innovative collection accessible on a Web to beget trade for your medical website. The site is designed to assistance online readers learn profitable information on specific topics of their interest.

Quora is an ideal place to beget ‘referral traffic’ or a solid tide of visitors who revisit your website from site links that we place on Quora. You can answer questions posted on Quora that are associated to your area of expertise. Your answers will continue to uncover regularly whenever new users ask a same doubt on a site.

Quora will let we build adult a measure on a basement of how readers rate your progressing answers. If your answer is good, a readers will opinion it to a tip where some-more people can see it. This will assistance build your online credit and repute while also augmenting your visibility. To make a many out of Quora, use images and YouTube videos wherever probable with your answers. You can even couple your Quora comment to your amicable media networks, that will let your answers seem on these networks.


A podcast refers to a array of audio, video and PDF files that can be streamed online to a mechanism or mobile device. It is a comparatively underrated source of generating website trade though offers a singular event to build adult a loyal, repeat assembly for your website. To start with, we can create, say and contention your podcasts to a iTunes store, that is a many renouned home for podcasts and offers far-reaching exposure. 

Once your iTunes playlist of podcasts is created, we can supplement it to your blog, or even upload it on YouTube for wider reach. The user-friendly height of iTunes is designed for easy discovery. Users can brand your podcasts fast by a hunt and crop facilities of a platform. You might embody interviews, reviews, discussions, studious testimonials and other informative, as good as conversational, elements for your aim audiences.


Search foe gets reduced when we adopt innovative ways to boost your website traffic. You can popularize your use and build an online repute regulating these artistic Web-based collection though incurring any promotion or selling costs.

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Naren Arulrajah is President and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, a finish internet selling association that focuses on SEO, amicable media, selling education, and a online reputations of physicians.  With a group of 180+ full-time marketers, helps physicians who know where they wish to go, get there by winning their marketplace and flourishing their business significantly year after year.  If we have questions about selling your use online, call 855-598-3320 to pronounce one-on-one with Naren.

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