Website trade for Paso Robles Daily News

website trade paso robles

website trade paso robles

As of Feb 2019, website trade on Paso Robles Daily News is over 189,000 monthly pages views, according to WordPress Jetpack Site Stats, identical to Google Analytics. This represents poignant expansion for a internal news site portion Paso Robles, CA, a village of about 30,000 people.

Website trade is a metric that refers to web users who revisit a website. Web trade is totalled in singular users, page views, and visits sometimes called sessions. Page views are a common approach to magnitude an online business’s efficacy during attracting an audience.

Online media is a singular best form of internal advertising. Online media dominates other forms media when it comes to targeting a assembly internal advertisers desire. It targets high-value demographic households, younger consumers and offers some-more internal impressions than any other media.

pageviews, site traffic, paso robles daily news

pageviews, site traffic, paso robles daily news

Paso Robles Daily News trade sources

  • 34% from amicable media like Facebook and Twitter
  • 23% from organic hunt on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • 20% from a email subscribers, now over 5,500
  • 17% from approach trade to a URL
  • 6% from mention links and other


Paso Robles Daily News stats

Media in paso robles

Media in paso roblesAlexa Rank – 1,124,395
Indexed pages – 19,200
Facebook supporters – 17,200
Twitter supporters – 4,700
Instagram supporters – 1,888
Email subscribers – 5,501
Monthly pageviews – 189,000

Click here for some-more information on a rankings of Paso Robles news sites.

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