The homepage creates a comeback

Mike Rispoli and Craig Aaron   Government supports internal news — and that’s a good thing

Ariel Zirulnick   Participation gets professional

james Wahutu   Think 2018 was bad? Wait until we see 2019

Colleen Shalby   Representation becomes some-more than a articulate point

Masuma Ahuja   Make unfamiliar coverage reduction foreign

John Saroff   The focus to reader revenue’s unintended consequences

Nisha Chittal   The homepage creates a comeback

Borja Bergareche Sainz de los Terreros   Entering a some-more offset era

LaToya Drake   Listen up: New stories, new storytellers

Renée Kaplan   Our destiny could distortion within a possess organizations

Nathalie Malinarich   Video — yes, video

Joel Konopo   Influencers turn a new released energy in Africa

Jean Friedman Rudovsky   Cross-newsroom collaborations strengthen communities

Taylor Lorenz   Personal branding is some-more absolute than ever

Ernst-Jan Pfauth   Readers are usually removing started

Amy Schmitz Weiss   Local news isn’t where we suspicion it was

Mandy Jenkins   Fight a titillate to run divided from amicable media

P. Kim Bui   The misfits turn a bosses

Jesse Holcomb   We’ll get improved during creation a box for internal journalism

Manoush Zomorodi   Tech will do for information overkill what it did for mindfulness

Alexis Lloyd Matt Boggie   The year product leads media

Elite Truong   What do we owe a subsequent generation?

Amy King   We should listen to a kids (especially on Instagram)

Monique Judge   Committing to a truth, job out lies

Kawandeep Virdee   Media wants to take caring of you

Matt Skibinski   Quality and trustworthiness are a new currencies for publishers

Heather Bryant   We are obliged for how we use a power

Knight Foundation   A year of internal collaboration

John Biewen   Podcasts keep removing better

Hossein Derakhshan   The news is dying, though broadcasting will not — and should not

Simon Galperin   After capitalism’s fire, journalism’s delegate succession

Mat Yurow   Content foe from a tech companies

Pablo Boczkowski   Reimagining a media for post-institutional times

Alexandra Borchardt   Newsrooms need to build trust with their journalists, not only a audience

Dave Burdick   Seeing a blind spots

Umbreen Bhatti   The story doesn’t finish for a people we quote

Rachel Davis Mersey   Local news goes minimalist

Cory Bergman   Journalism as a record service

Michael Grant   More newsrooms examination their approach to success

Nikki Usher   Three ways inhabitant media will serve criticise trust

Callie Schweitzer   The arise of a conveners

Zizi Papacharissi   Old interface, contend hello to a new interface

Gideon Lichfield   Goodbye courtesy economy, we’ll skip you

Eric Ulken   The year we indeed start to like your CMS

Matt Waite   “I went to Node.js since we wished to live deliberately”

Moreno Cruz Osório   Damaged credit and a new hazard in Brazil

Joanne McNeil   Building a digital hospice

Francesco Zaffarano   Towards a rethinking of broadcasting on amicable media

Rebecca Searles   From silos to Swiss Army blade teams

Geetika Rudra   The year of actionable (local) journalism

Thomas Hanitzsch   The arise of genealogical journalism

Jared Newman   AI-generated fakes launch a program arms race

M. Scott Havens   Time to pitch for a fences

Peter Bale   Venture collateral runs out of patience

Efrat Nechushtai   Journalism wants to be your friend, not your teacher

Shannon McGregor   More fraudulent embedded tweets in a stories

Seema Yasmin   We will emanate a possess spaces

Bill Adair   Another year fighting Trump’s falsehoods

Elva Ramirez   News — though make it cinematic

Libby Bawcombe   Haikus of a news

Emma Carew Grovum   The year of a constant reader

Greg Emerson   Power to a user

Kristen Muller   Local news fails — in a good way

Carolina Guerrero   Spanish-language audio blows up

Johannes Klingebiel   We all grow hooves

Mat Yurow   Publishers find foe in a startling place

Justin Kosslyn   Text hits a tipping point

Jonathan Stray   More algorithmic burden reporting, and a lot of it will be meh

Nico Gendron   Reaching Generation Z over a coasts

Ben Smith   The pendulum starts to pitch back

Jack Riley   Facebook refugees, from ad income to news habits

Victor Pickard   We will finally confront systemic marketplace failure

Bill Grueskin   Toward a harmony indication for internal news

Jeff Chin   We detox from Chartbeat

Heather Chaplin   Agree we’re narrow-minded — for a approved system

Rick Berke   The year of loyalty

Nicholas Jackson   More clarity around newsroom decisions

Cristi Hegranes   A year to deposit in a confidence of internal journalists

Ståle Grut   A new emergence for 3D tech in journalism

Adam Smith   Platforms will have to assistance reconstruct trust in news

Jim Friedlich   Meet Citizen Kane 2.0

Jenée Desmond-Harris   It finally sinks in that some people aren’t white

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