W Hotels boosts website trade with St. Vincent YouTube videos


  • W Hotels increased a apportionment of a amicable media referrals from YouTube to 39% — some-more than twice a attention normal of 19% — by posting videos of live recording sessions by art rocker St. Vincent, according to a box investigate by Gartner L2 common with Mobile Marketer.
  • W Hotels partnered with St. Vincent to showcase a W Hotel Sound Suites, private song studios and lounges during name properties open to artists and guests. The dual videos perceived about 1.7 million views on W Hotel’s YouTube channel, boosting a brand’s normal views on a video-sharing height from 766 to 63,000 during a investigate period.
  • The videos ranked high in a hunt formula for “St. Vincent” on YouTube, fluctuating a prominence of a W Hotels code and pushing trade to a website. The Marriott-owned oppulance sequence in Oct combined a possess song label, W Records, and will recover work from 4 artists in a subsequent year, Billboard reported.


W Hotels’ focus on YouTube as a amicable channel helped a oppulance hotel code mount out among competitors on a Google-owned video-sharing platform. Facebook is a biggest source of website referrals for some-more than half (55%) of oppulance hotel chains, that tend to concentration on posting still images of their properties, not videos. Five percent of oppulance brands don’t have a YouTube account, and 16% of brands didn’t post any videos to a height during a investigate period, according to Gartner L2.

By partnering with St. Vincent, W Hotels emphasized a flawlessness as a code that appeals to good reputable artists. The W Hotels videos diffuse pointed code imagery with her testimonials about formulating song and anticipating impulse while staying in a W Sound Suites, that are versed with recording and blending gear. The videos are clearly directed during millennials who are some-more expected than comparison generations to find authentic experiences, such as roving to song festivals, that they can share on amicable media.

YouTube showcases low-pitched performances some-more than any other amicable media platform, creation it good matched for Marriott. The hotel sequence has done song a pivotal partial of a selling plan in a past dual years, Adweek reported. Marriott in 2016 hosted a “Wake Up Call” music festival during a W Scottsdale skill that was a outrageous success. The unison had many conveniences for hotel guests, such as vouchsafing them shelter to their hotel bedrooms to take a mangle or go a lavatory instead of watchful in a prolonged line, that is a standard festival experience.

Marriott this year orderly more song festivals in Hollywood, Barcelona and Bali, where 3 of W Hotels’ four Sound Suites hotels are located (the fourth is in Seattle). But W Hotels isn’t a usually Marriott code to bond with a song industry. Its Aloft Hotels code is in a ninth year of using a renouned talent competition, Project: Aloft Star, in and with Universal Music Group. The companies in Jun started a live uncover called Project: Aloft Star Tour that trafficked to 5 cities this year, according to an announcement.

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