Lawrence city leaders to cruise new ways to conduct speeding, other trade issues in neighborhoods – Lawrence Journal

photo by: Kim Callahan

A handmade pointer in East Lawrence during a intersection of East Eighth and New York streets, seen Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, reminds motorists to expostulate solemnly by residential neighborhoods.


Lawrence city commissioners will shortly cruise either to adopt a some-more extensive proceed to area trade problems that would go over adding speed bumps or other inclination to streets.

Earlier this year, a city announced it was re-evaluating a trade relaxing program, that attempts to residence issues such as speeding and cut-through trade by adding earthy inclination such as speed bumps or trade circles. At a assembly Tuesday, a elect will cruise a new trade relaxing routine that also includes trade coercion and monitoring, among other ways to residence problem traffic.

In further to earthy devices, or trade engineering, a new routine aims to urge trade issues in neighborhoods by enforcement, preparation and evaluation. City trade engineers pronounced that usually adding speed bumps or other inclination to streets is not indispensably a many effective action.

“The stream routine promotes a firm engineering response to area trade concerns and inhibits a use of alternative, presumably some-more effective trade government measures,” Transportation Engineer Amanda Sahin wrote in a memo to a commission.

Sahin wrote that speeds bumps or other inclination can have singular scope, focusing on particular streets or even particular blocks, and that there are no methods in place to consider a efficacy of those devices. She also pronounced a routine does not try to residence trade concerns such as motorists not agreeable to pedestrians or unwell to stop during stop signs.

As partial of a new program, a work devise detailing trade initiatives would be grown annually, according to a memo. Those actions could embody vital trade coercion in neighborhoods, open preparation campaigns or evaluations of trade government strategies. They could also embody a squeeze of collection for information collection and a squeeze of proxy speed bumps or other devices.

City staff is recommending replacing a existent trade relaxing routine with a new area trade government module and allocating $300,000 annually toward trade efforts or projects, according to a memo. Those bill decisions, though, would not be finalized until a city’s annual bill process. The city now allocates $200,000 annually for trade relaxing projects.

Last month, a city announced it had combined a website for residents to news trade reserve concerns and to potentially get improvements done to roadways and boost trade coercion by police. Specifically, a website provides an online form for residents to news concerns such as vehicles speeding, ignoring propagandize zones, using stop signs, creation bootleg turns, unwell to produce during crosswalks and other dangerous behavior.

The city’s trade relaxing routine was enacted in 2005. Under that program, neighborhoods ask trade relaxing measures and a city decides either or not to approve additions formed on trade volume and median speeds on a roadway. When a city motionless in Jan to re-evaluate a policy, it stopped evaluating new trade relaxing requests, though there were already some-more than a dozen projects that had been formerly authorized and were available funding.

Currently, there are 16 unfunded trade relaxing projects totaling about $500,000, some of that have been unfunded for some-more than 10 years, according to a memo. Staff is recommending that a existent trade relaxing list not be finished and that a new module start with a 2019 bill year.

The Lawrence City Commission will assemble during 5:45 p.m. Tuesday during City Hall, 6 E. Sixth St.

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