Crash slows trade on Route 22

A pile-up on Route 22 in Middle Paxton Township has brought trade to a crawl.

The pile-up happened in a eastward lanes easterly of Exit (PA 225 NORTH – HALIFAX/DAUPHIN), according to Traffic has been limited to a singular line as a outcome of a crash.

Stop-and-go trade is reported in a area.

For some-more trade information, follow live trade updates, collision reports and highway closures next from PennDOT, Total Traffic Network and other Twitter sources.

Get a demeanour during conditions on internal roads — via PennDOT trade cameras — anytime here on PennLive. For Pennsylvania Turnpike updates and probable transport delays revisit the Turnpike website here.

Tweet us during @pennlive with any incidents we see on your invert or send a acquiescence to

W Hotels boosts website trade with St. Vincent YouTube videos


  • W Hotels increased a apportionment of a amicable media referrals from YouTube to 39% — some-more than twice a attention normal of 19% — by posting videos of live recording sessions by art rocker St. Vincent, according to a box investigate by Gartner L2 common with Mobile Marketer.
  • W Hotels partnered with St. Vincent to showcase a W Hotel Sound Suites, private song studios and lounges during name properties open to artists and guests. The dual videos perceived about 1.7 million views on W Hotel’s YouTube channel, boosting a brand’s normal views on a video-sharing height from 766 to 63,000 during a investigate period.
  • The videos ranked high in a hunt formula for “St. Vincent” on YouTube, fluctuating a prominence of a W Hotels code and pushing trade to a website. The Marriott-owned oppulance sequence in Oct combined a possess song label, W Records, and will recover work from 4 artists in a subsequent year, Billboard reported.


W Hotels’ focus on YouTube as a amicable channel helped a oppulance hotel code mount out among competitors on a Google-owned video-sharing platform. Facebook is a biggest source of website referrals for some-more than half (55%) of oppulance hotel chains, that tend to concentration on posting still images of their properties, not videos. Five percent of oppulance brands don’t have a YouTube account, and 16% of brands didn’t post any videos to a height during a investigate period, according to Gartner L2.

By partnering with St. Vincent, W Hotels emphasized a flawlessness as a code that appeals to good reputable artists. The W Hotels videos diffuse pointed code imagery with her testimonials about formulating song and anticipating impulse while staying in a W Sound Suites, that are versed with recording and blending gear. The videos are clearly directed during millennials who are some-more expected than comparison generations to find authentic experiences, such as roving to song festivals, that they can share on amicable media.

YouTube showcases low-pitched performances some-more than any other amicable media platform, creation it good matched for Marriott. The hotel sequence has done song a pivotal partial of a selling plan in a past dual years, Adweek reported. Marriott in 2016 hosted a “Wake Up Call” music festival during a W Scottsdale skill that was a outrageous success. The unison had many conveniences for hotel guests, such as vouchsafing them shelter to their hotel bedrooms to take a mangle or go a lavatory instead of watchful in a prolonged line, that is a standard festival experience.

Marriott this year orderly more song festivals in Hollywood, Barcelona and Bali, where 3 of W Hotels’ four Sound Suites hotels are located (the fourth is in Seattle). But W Hotels isn’t a usually Marriott code to bond with a song industry. Its Aloft Hotels code is in a ninth year of using a renouned talent competition, Project: Aloft Star, in and with Universal Music Group. The companies in Jun started a live uncover called Project: Aloft Star Tour that trafficked to 5 cities this year, according to an announcement.

Asheville snow: Road conditions as charge coats some WNC roads; city streets swampy – Asheville Citizen

ASHEVILLE – Roads in many of Western North Carolina were fast removing sharp Saturday dusk as a gait of layer increased.

Automated trade information from a state Department of Transportation shortly before 9 p.m. showed trade relocating on Interstates and other categorical roads around a region, though generally during a slower gait than normal.

A pile-up sealed a left line of westbound Interstate 40 a mile west of a Hendersonville Road exit (Exit 50), DOT reported during 9 p.m. It has been cleared.

Downtown streets were swampy during 7:40 p.m., and sleet was entrance down during a good clip.

A contributor who gathering from downtown to Fairview commencement during 8:15 p.m. found travel lanes on Interstate 240 mostly transparent though with sleet between lanes and on exit ramps and shoulders. Charlotte Highway, numbered U.S. 74-A, was usually swampy in some places and white in others. Back roads were commencement to turn white.

Snow approaching to raise adult Saturday night

An emergency dispatcher pronounced roads in Henderson County were removing sharp during 7 p.m.

At that time, there was about an in. of sleet on a belligerent in Hendersonville and in southern Buncombe County. The belligerent was white in downtown and easterly Asheville during 8:15 p.m. though a abyss of a sleet was still minimal.

More: Blue Ridge Parkway sections, Mount Mitchell sealed Thursday forward of winter storm

More: Record snow? Forecasters differ on what’s entrance to a Asheville area

More: Asheville snow: Weather Service says winter wonderland Sunday, ‘terrible ice’ to follow

More: Asheville winter storm: Snow approaching to raise adult starting Saturday night

More: Asheville sleet army closings, cancellations and delays: Here’s what we know

DOT pronounced roads in Transylvania County were lonesome with sleet and ice. In addition, U.S. 441 is sealed between Cherokee and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Road conditions opposite Western North Carolina

Here is a county-by-county demeanour during highway conditions, according to DOT’s programmed trade information website:

Avery: U.S. and N.C. routes, transparent with probable icy spots; delegate roads, transparent with probable icy spots.

Buncombe: Interstates, partially lonesome with sleet and ice; U.S. and N.C. routes, partially lonesome with sleet and ice ; delegate roads, partially lonesome with sleet and ice.

Cherokee: U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; secondary roads, clear.

Clay: U.S. and N.C. routes, transparent with probable icy spots; delegate roads, transparent with probable icy spots.

Graham: U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; delegate roads, clear.

Haywood: Interstates, transparent with probable icy spots; U.S. and N.C. routes, transparent with probable icy spots; delegate roads, transparent with probable icy spots.

Henderson: Interstates, lonesome with sleet and ice; U.S. and N.C. routes, lonesome with sleet and ice; delegate roads, lonesome with sleet and ice.

Jackson: U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; delegate roads, clear.

Macon: U.S. and N.C. routes, transparent with probable icy spots; delegate roads, transparent with probable icy spots.

Madison: Interstates, clear; U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; delegate roads, clear.

McDowell: Interstates, clear; U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; delegate roads, clear.

Mitchell: U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; delegate roads, clear.

Polk: Interstates, transparent with probable icy spots; U.S. and N.C. routes, transparent with probable icy spots; delegate roads, transparent with probable icy spots.

Rutherford: U.S. and N.C. routes, transparent with probable icy spots; delegate roads, transparent with probable icy spots.

Swain: U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; delegate roads, clear.

Transylvania: U.S. and N.C. routes, lonesome with sleet and ice; delegate roads, lonesome with sleet and ice.

Yancey: U.S. and N.C. routes, clear; delegate roads, clear.

Majority of Publishers See Much Lower Facebook Traffic Now vs. Last Year [POLL]

Facebook organic strech is dying.

Facebook organic strech is dead.

If we wish any trade from Facebook, we have to compensate for it.

We’ve been conference variations on a above themes for a while now from marketers, brands, and publishers who have watched a inundate of organic trade spin a drip over a years.

This has been due, in part, to:

  • Higher foe (more brands/publishers are posting some-more content).
  • More clickbait (more foe has done brands/publishers use outlandish or dubious headlines).
  • Algorithm changes meant to uncover reduction of a above and some-more from friends and family.

Facebook puts a reward on connecting people with their friends and family. This component is a vital partial of Facebook’s News Feed Values.

The amicable media height also recognizes that people design their feeds to broach ominous and interesting stories.

In 2015 and 2016, Facebook done several algorithm updates directed to uncover posts common by friends and family aloft adult in a news feed – over those from publishers, brands, and other pages.

Back then, Facebook had warned that a refurbish might means strech and mention trade to decrease for some pages and encouraged publishers to post things that their assembly are approaching to share with their friends.

But it turns out, these tweaks were not a final of a kind.

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out another vital news feed algorithm refurbish that focuses on assisting users have some-more suggestive amicable interactions.

This meant showing:

  • More stories from friends, family, and groups.
  • Less public calm like posts from businesses, brands, and media.

Facebook is fundamentally observant that Pages simply producing interesting and ominous articles won’t cut it anymore. Public calm from Pages contingency likewise encourage suggestive interactions between people.

This new change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm left copiousness of publishers and businesses disorder from important drops in organic strech and engagement.

And Search Engine Journal is no exception.

Search Engine Journal’s Facebook Traffic Decline

At Search Engine Journal, when a “friends and family” algorithm was launched, we braced for a worst. We approaching to remove a good cube of a organic traffic.

For a initial time in a prolonged time, a Facebook trade was down year on year (January 2018 vs. Jan 2017). But usually by 2 percent. Not too bad.

But in February, trade from Facebook was down 24 percent year over year.

We started to get worried, yet things seemed to lapse to normal by June, where we possibly adult somewhat or about even from a before year.

Then came July. Down 45 percent.

August was some-more of a same. Down 42 percent from final year.

September was better, we were usually down 20 percent.

In October? Facebook trade was down 52 percent!

SEJ Facebook TrafficSEJ Facebook Traffic


We were means to make adult some of this trade with plain gains on Twitter and LinkedIn – yet not all of it.

What a heck is going on?

Were we alone in saying this trend?

To find out, we asked a SEJ village on Twitter.

How Do You Describe Your Current Traffic from Facebook Compared to This Time Last Year?

Here are a formula from this #SEJSurveySays poll question.

According to SEJ’s Twitter audience:

  • 37 percent settled that their trade from Facebook is much lower now compared to this time final year.
  • 27 percent responded that it is somewhat lower.
  • 25 percent answered that their Facebook trade is about a same as against to this time final year’s traffic.

Eleven percent of a respondents pronounced they indeed have higher Facebook trade this year.

Compared to this time final year, is your trade from Facebook.. – SEJ Survey Says Poll QuestionCompared to this time final year, is your trade from Facebook.. – SEJ Survey Says Poll Question

The Long, Steady Decline of Facebook Traffic

This problem isn’t singular to SEJ, obviously.

Other obvious publishers like BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Mashable have all seen significant website trade declines over a past dual years, as remarkable by Ethan Chernofsky, Director of Corporate Marketing during SimilarWeb.

Chernofsky serve highlights:

“While there are many factors behind these declines, these sites share a pivotal trait: a complicated faith on amicable traffic.”

Several third-party information uncover that BuzzFeed is losing altogether website traffic.

According to stats common by Recode around SimilarWeb, over 40 percent of BuzzFeed’s trade comes from amicable – creation it a site’s biggest trade motorist – as against to 22 percent of trade from search.

That commission is still a distant cry from BuzzFeed’s heyday around 4 years ago, when they were getting 75 percent of their 150 million singular visitors per month by amicable media and Facebook was promulgation scarcely 4 times a trade as Google search.

At a time, BuzzFeed’s Founder and CEO Jonah Peretti shared that they don’t unequivocally consider about SEO anymore and they have motionless to optimize for amicable instead.

A lot has altered given then.

Now, BuzzFeed is perplexing to relieve a dependency on Facebook by perplexing to get readers to download their possess mobile app and build a approach attribute with their audience.

There are many other news publishers temperament a brunt caused by a drop in Facebook traffic.

Online repository Slate was among those strongly affected. The website’s Facebook trade dramatically forsaken by 87 percent given 2017 and it’s down some-more than 55 percent in 2018 alone.

Facebook’s Tightened Grip on Pages’ Organic Reach

In a early 2010s, while BuzzFeed was enjoying large trade from Facebook, other Page owners from a network were already pang from a drop in organic reach.

As early as 2012, Facebook Page owners have beheld a thrust in organic strech of adult to 40-50 percent (or more) due to a pivotal algorithm refurbish implemented in Sep of that year.

Several other marketers documented similar experiences and some theorized that a amicable network’s actions where dictated to grow their Facebook Ads platform.

2014 report from social@Ogilvy foresee a unfolding where “organic strech of a calm brands tell in Facebook is unfailing to strike zero.”

In a years that followed, Facebook continued to hurl out some-more tweaks in a News Feed and, consequently, matching anecdotes from undone Facebook marketers became commonplace.

Here are only a few:

Approaching Facebook’s Organic Reach Tweaks to Traffic

Facebook organic strech is not passed yet, yet it continues to collapse to this day. The downward trend is among a contributors to a solid decrease of website trade from a amicable network.

Not everybody in a attention perspective Facebook’s News Feed updates negatively, though.

Mark Traphagen of Perficient Digital thinks that these changes could spin out to be a blessing in costume for intelligent marketers who emanate “content that creates users wish to consider and rivet in genuine conversations, not only clicking a Like symbol and relocating on.”

Indeed, marketers are left with no choice yet to pierce on and find ways to retrieve mislaid website traffic.

Here are a few tips to overcome these challenges:

Prioritize Engagement

Facebook’s new algorithm updates underscore a need for publishers, brands and businesses to concentration on creation calm that encourages suggestive interactions between people.

These articles can assistance we know a significance of enchanting your amicable assembly and how to do it right.

Keep Yourself Updated

Familiarize yourself with how Facebook’s News Feed algorithm unequivocally works so we can improved know when changes like this happen:

Also, make certain to follow a latest Facebook news and updates from Search Engine Journal.

Rethink Your Overall Strategy

It’s about time to rethink how we do your selling initiatives. SEJ writer Katy Katz offers an alternative approach to your altogether strategy:

“Instead of classification your selling efforts by how we acquire a traffic, consider instead about who owns that property. Categorizing your efforts into owned, earned, and paid is about identifying how your calm achieves a chair during a assembly table.”

Katz serve asserts that a healthy selling plan factors in any of these forms of digital media placement opportunities.

Don’t Forget SEO

Publishers who relied heavily in amicable media, quite Facebook, ought to learn their lesson. Do not disremember SEO completely.

With Google sending more traffic than Facebook to websites again, hopefully publishers and brands will comprehend that hunt still matters.

Have Your Say

How do we report your stream trade from Facebook compared to this time final year? Tag us on amicable media to let us know.

Be certain to have your contend in a subsequent consult – check out a #SEJSurveySays hashtag on Twitter for destiny polls and data.

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Gulf Shores Lighted Christmas Parade trade upsurge modifications

December 5, 2018 – Gulf Shores, AL – (OBA®) – The City of Gulf Shores would like to make all residents and visitors wakeful of a following trade upsurge modifications associated to a Gulf Shores Lighted Christmas Parade and Holiday Celebration on Friday, Dec 7.

At 6:30 p.m. entries will make their approach from a Gulf Shores Public Beach to West 19th Avenue and ensue west toward a David L. Bodenhamer Center. The march will finish with a Holiday Celebration during Johnnie Sims Park.

 Road Closure Schedule 

6:00 p.m.

  • Highway 59 will tighten to all trade south of 20th Avenue.  Traffic headed eastward should take E. 20th Avenue to bond with Canal Road or Highway 135 by Gulf State Park.
  • All entrances onto Highway 59 between 20th Avenue and Highway 182 will be sealed to all traffic until a execution of a parade.

8 p.m.

  • All normal trade conditions will resume along Highway 59. Highway 182 will free to eastward traffic.

For some-more information per detours or closures, greatfully hit City Hall during 251-968-2425.

Photos from a 2010 Gulf Shores Christmas Parade… 

Lawrence city leaders to cruise new ways to conduct speeding, other trade issues in neighborhoods – Lawrence Journal

photo by: Kim Callahan

A handmade pointer in East Lawrence during a intersection of East Eighth and New York streets, seen Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, reminds motorists to expostulate solemnly by residential neighborhoods.


Lawrence city commissioners will shortly cruise either to adopt a some-more extensive proceed to area trade problems that would go over adding speed bumps or other inclination to streets.

Earlier this year, a city announced it was re-evaluating a trade relaxing program, that attempts to residence issues such as speeding and cut-through trade by adding earthy inclination such as speed bumps or trade circles. At a assembly Tuesday, a elect will cruise a new trade relaxing routine that also includes trade coercion and monitoring, among other ways to residence problem traffic.

In further to earthy devices, or trade engineering, a new routine aims to urge trade issues in neighborhoods by enforcement, preparation and evaluation. City trade engineers pronounced that usually adding speed bumps or other inclination to streets is not indispensably a many effective action.

“The stream routine promotes a firm engineering response to area trade concerns and inhibits a use of alternative, presumably some-more effective trade government measures,” Transportation Engineer Amanda Sahin wrote in a memo to a commission.

Sahin wrote that speeds bumps or other inclination can have singular scope, focusing on particular streets or even particular blocks, and that there are no methods in place to consider a efficacy of those devices. She also pronounced a routine does not try to residence trade concerns such as motorists not agreeable to pedestrians or unwell to stop during stop signs.

As partial of a new program, a work devise detailing trade initiatives would be grown annually, according to a memo. Those actions could embody vital trade coercion in neighborhoods, open preparation campaigns or evaluations of trade government strategies. They could also embody a squeeze of collection for information collection and a squeeze of proxy speed bumps or other devices.

City staff is recommending replacing a existent trade relaxing routine with a new area trade government module and allocating $300,000 annually toward trade efforts or projects, according to a memo. Those bill decisions, though, would not be finalized until a city’s annual bill process. The city now allocates $200,000 annually for trade relaxing projects.

Last month, a city announced it had combined a website for residents to news trade reserve concerns and to potentially get improvements done to roadways and boost trade coercion by police. Specifically, a website provides an online form for residents to news concerns such as vehicles speeding, ignoring propagandize zones, using stop signs, creation bootleg turns, unwell to produce during crosswalks and other dangerous behavior.

The city’s trade relaxing routine was enacted in 2005. Under that program, neighborhoods ask trade relaxing measures and a city decides either or not to approve additions formed on trade volume and median speeds on a roadway. When a city motionless in Jan to re-evaluate a policy, it stopped evaluating new trade relaxing requests, though there were already some-more than a dozen projects that had been formerly authorized and were available funding.

Currently, there are 16 unfunded trade relaxing projects totaling about $500,000, some of that have been unfunded for some-more than 10 years, according to a memo. Staff is recommending that a existent trade relaxing list not be finished and that a new module start with a 2019 bill year.

The Lawrence City Commission will assemble during 5:45 p.m. Tuesday during City Hall, 6 E. Sixth St.

Search Landscape In 2019: Four Actionable Onsite SEO Tips To Maximize Your Website’s Organic Traffic


The hunt landscape has come a prolonged way. Do we remember how simple hunt queries were 20 years ago? If you’re underneath 30, we missed out on that golden era. Others will remember what life was like regulating Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator on Windows 98.

I vividly remember a initial query we ever typed on a hunt engine. It was on Yahoo! and a query was “games.” Being an zealous gamer during a time, we wanted to use this thing called a internet to find new games to download on my PC. Search engines weren’t as worldly behind then, nor did we design them to be, so we kept a queries brief and honeyed to maximize our chances of removing relevant results. The internet was comparatively new to a hunt index was utterly skinny and didn’t have the trillions of pages to arrange by like Google does today.

Search engines are now morphing into intelligent assistants capable of bargain formidable queries and any user’s vigilant behind queries. As a business owner, we wish your website to be prepared for a subsequent epoch of search. Here are some tips to make certain your website isn’t left behind:

Pay additional courtesy to mobile speed.

Mobile searches surpassed desktop searches three years ago, nonetheless many people still consider of mobile optimization as an afterthought. It’s not adequate to settle for a manageable WordPress thesis — we now need to take a time to optimize your mobile website’s UX and loading speed to urge your hunt trade and acclimatisation rates.

In a possess words, Google settled over 8 years ago that it was “obsessed with speed.” In 2010, it announced Page Speed as a ranking cause in a algorithm, and that was proceed before mobile inclination and smartphones became mainstream. we would disagree that today, given a fact that many mobile inclination have singular bandwidth/memory, page speed carries even some-more weight as a ranking factor.

Businesses need to safeguard their websites bucket quick on all devices. Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a good proceed to get tips on how to optimize your code. we also suggest regulating AMP to bucket your alighting pages and articles for those that wish to take their loading speed to a subsequent level.

Optimize calm for featured snippets, aka position zero.

According to a SEMrush Sensor, and during a time of essay this article, 11.28% of all hunt results had a featured snippet. Featured snippets are a holy grail when it comes to rankings given they uncover adult before a tip 10 formula and are review out shrill to people initiating a voice hunt from a smartphone, intelligent speaker, smartwatch or any voice-enabled device.

A investigate conducted final year by A.J. Ghergich found that a optimal length of a featured dash is 40 to 50 words, and an earlier investigate by SEMrush corroborated those numbers. Keep that in mind when essay your content. One of a clients is origination a murdering with featured snippets by their glossary of terms section, in that they write brief descriptions of a many common terms in their niche.

YouTube videos and their descriptions are also being embedded in featured snippets. we would suggest doing video over calm any day, though my recommendation is to hang to what is sustainable. I’ve seen too many clients guarantee me that they would do X videos per month, and they finished adult doing one to dual for a whole year. Develop a calm origination report we can hang to with whatever middle we are many comfortable.

If we wish to learn some-more about this sparkling topic, Search Engine Watch has a good guide on how to maximize your chances of removing “snipped.”

Optimize for questions, not usually keywords.

Featured snippets are not usually about keywords, as we are gradually changeable to a some-more conversational web. Some anecdotal evidence: My partner has stopped typing anything on hunt engines given final year. All she does is ask questions verbally by her phone or a Amazon Echo intelligent speaker.

I’m seeing a same function by watching a lot of people around me, who seem to be really gentle holding a conversational proceed with hunt engines. This form of hunt function is usually going to boost as intelligent orator sales are approaching to boost by 50% in 2019. We are solemnly behest farewell to a normal search-and-scroll model.

As a business owner, use your website to brand and answer a many renouned questions in your industry. Consider formulating a QA territory on your website with all a many renouned questions in your niche. Quora is a good place to demeanour for renouned questions if you’re in need of inspiration. Remember to keep your answers within a boundary settled above to maximize your chances of removing snipped. Also, a difference “how,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “who” or “why” should be in your streamer tags to make it easy for Google to know what doubt we are perplexing to answer.

Get SSL’d!

With hacks and breaches apropos some-more and some-more prevalent each year, it’s no warn that Google wants websites to get SSL’d or secure sockets covering certified. All websites that collect any form of information should get SSL’d.

Don’t take my word for it. At a Transformation of Search Summit in New York final October, Juan Felipe Rincón, tellurian lead of trust and reserve hunt overdo during Google, stressed that Google is enlivening HTTPS adoption opposite a web.

For businesses that wish to stay forward in a constantly elaborating universe of SEO, it can get intimidating to keep lane of all a opposite algorithm updates and optimization strategies. To facilitate it, we like to tell clients that it boils down to one thing: bargain a large picture. What are hunt engines like Google, Bing, and others perplexing to grasp in a subsequent two, 5 or 10 years? Minimizing confidence issues and responding to hunt queries faster and some-more accurately by several inclination are dual large components of that mission. If your website helps hunt engines grasp that, you’ll reap a fruits of your labor.